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Monday, November 17, 2014

WITCH caught sprinkling muthi at Daily Sun Offices!

LOL! Apparently at the Daily Sun’s offices in Auckland Park, Johannesburg someone was caught sprinkling muthi on people’s desks. It is said that the planned incident happened last week.

Clearly the employee that we will not mention believes in the stories they write about every day. Sources said that the “witch” was taken to task and she said she was protecting herself because people are bewitching her.

A Sangoma was allegedly called to cleanse the office and a goat was also slaughtered. LOL! One wonders why they did not make this a front page and play it big.

It is also said that other pretending “witches” are not impressed with the matter, and they are planning to consult their Sangomas to see if any damage has been done to them.

Insiders reveal that the known witch was caught by CCTV cameras and the management was informed immediately after.

It is also revealed that the bosses of the paper have consulted Sangomas for several times and slaughtered chickens in the building as instructed.

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