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Monday, November 17, 2014

It’s wedding season: can we come to your lobola negotiations?

OpenView HD’s eKasi+ is looking for couples who are getting married and have lobola negotiations coming up to be part of our brand new Reality TV show titled Mahadi: Lobola starting in January 2015.

Mahadi is an original South African reality series that takes a close look at the ancient and respected tradition of lobola, in all its intricacies. For many couples, lobola legitimises their marital commitment and lies at the heart of the unification of their bloodlines.

“The series showcases our indigenous heritage and cultural diversity. Shows of this nature are multi-faceted in that they are also educational.
The concept of mahadi has always been a closely-kept secret known primarily to those who have been part of the negotiations. With a more curious and slightly detached younger generation, a show like this serves as an insightful production,” enthused Monde Twala, MD for Channels Division.

The heartbeat of the series is all the cultural nuances that unfold in real life situations. Each story will reflect the diverse demographics of South Africa. The show will have a celebratory tone and therefore; warm hearted and richly textured. The viewer will be a voyeur and explore the varied ways in which families undertake lobola negotiations.

If you want to be part of the Mahadi: Lobola series, contact us on:

Telephone: 011 285 6061
Facebook: MAHADILobolaTV
Twitter: #MahadiLobolaTV

January 2015 at 7:30PM on eKasi+, channel 105 on OpenView HD.

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