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Monday, November 17, 2014

What's in a kiss? 80 million bacteria: research!

Researchers have found that when people kiss, they share about 80 million bacteria.

Researchers took swabs from 21 couples in an Amsterdam zoo, and compared them before and after the couple's kissed according to their paper in the journal Microbiome.
They didn't find terribly much change in the bacterial composition in the couples' mouths at this point, possibly because they had kissed so often before, and their diets were so similar that their mouths had pretty much the same bacteria.
The researchers thus decided to try something else - and gave one partner in each of the couples a probiotic yogurt, full of bacteria not normally found in the mouth.

This time when they swabbed the couples after the kiss they found that when couples kiss, they transfer about 80 million bacteria.
Source: Times Live

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