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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brenda Fassie Talent Search - Can You Sing Like Mabrr!

The Johannesburg Arts Alive International Festival is paying homage to Brenda Fassie’s legacy in an exciting way that allows her fans to showcase their musical talents.

2014 marks the tenth anniversary of Brenda’s death. Lauded as the ‘Madonna of the Townships’ and Africa’s top pop star, her infectious energy, star power and music are still with us. From My Black President to Weekend Special, her hit songs were the soundtrack to love and life in the 80s whose messages resonated with the masses during South Africa’s political transition.

This year S’Khonyana Productions and Muthaland Entertainment together with Bongani Fassie launched The Brenda Fassie Legacy Tour to honour her contribution and to celebrate her music and history. The project will be marked by a series of cultural events and programmes running until May 2015.

Among these is the Can You Sing Like Mabrrr Competition in conjunction with Arts Alive. The talent search gives aspiring singers a chance to record and perform a version of one of Brenda’s songs. Candidates are invited to perform a live remake of any of Brenda’s songs which could be done accapella or with a band and in any genre.

“The idea is not to do a cover of Brenda Fassie’s song as such, but to come up with an interpretation of the song,” says Lance Stehr of Muthaland Entertainment and Ghetto Ruff.

“We already have over 40 continental and international artists working on an interpretation of a Brenda song for the Legacy project. When we came up with this competition, we wanted to reach out to the masses and to enlighten 14 to 24 year olds to get them into Brenda Fassie’s heritage,” he adds.

The competition winner will receive a professionally recorded track of the song which will be submitted to radio. They will also get to perform the track at the Jazz on the Lake concert, which opens the Arts Alive Festival on August 31.

Auditions take place on August 2 at the Bassline in Newtown from 10am to 6pm. Judges include Bongani Fassie, Vusi Nova and Brad Holmes.

Competition Rules:
*Entrants must be over the age of 18, and provide a Johannesburg address.

*Entrants must confirm that there will be no compensation for their performance.

*This Competition is open to all persons in SA provided they cover their own costs to get to the auditions.

*There is no prior registration.

*The prize cannot be transferred or exchanged.

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