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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Play the change you want to see - at home or at work

Brand South Africa today launched its 13 part Play Your Part TV Series, which debuts on SABC2 on Sunday 15 June 2014, at the Market Theatre in Johannesburg.

The series which is aimed at profiling ordinary South Africans doing extraordinary things that make South Africa the country that inspires people the world over, is hosted by Kabelo Mabelane.

The series is intended to inspire others to play their part and do ordinary things that make an extraordinary difference in the lives of others.

These are some of the stories of South Africans who play their part:

"Originally, I was inspired by my late parents who raised and tutored many children, irrespective of their family background," says Mercy Senyatsi, a life orientation teacher at Dr. A.M.S Makunyane Secondary School in Polokwane, Limpopo. Throughout her career Senyatsi says she has been touched by the plight of orphaned and vulnerable children. She is living up to her name, bringing mercy and hope into the lives of those who most desperately need it.

“By using the bicycle as a lure to keep youth away from drugs, substance abuse, and teenage pregnancy and growing the numbers of gangs,” says Trevor Knowlden. “In 2004 I founded Freewheelers Cycling Club to provide a healthy alternative to youth of Steenberg in the Western Cape. We take Youth from various surrounding communities on mountain biking and road cycling outings.”

“I have worked with Krazifizix Educational Club from 2011 as the co-founder, administrator, club event coordinator and maths tutor to grade 8-10 learners,” says 18 year old Emmanuel Khumalo of KwaMashu Durban.

“In November 2013, I launched Numbers Foundation, a non-profit organisation with the main objective of providing extra lesson tuition, fight bullying and discrimination and aimed at getting kids of the streets and into homes and back to school. We believe that education, shelter and love are important. My name is Emmanuel Khumalo, I am 18 years old and I live in KwaMashu, Durban and my story is of educational change. I am the founder and the president of Numbers Foundation, a foundation aimed at improving and changing our country.

“Since inception we have reached over 1200 learners, through working with local high schools in the district and local churches. Our method of delivery is by facilitating workshops in career skills, communication skills and learning. Curriculums have been developed, revised and adapted from various resources for the learning areas. Working with the youth and local stakeholders has demonstrated that there is a need and huge gap for the work we do.” Sela Emothonjeni, in East London Eastern Cape, was founded in 2011 by Amanda Fononda who believes they are catalysts for education and social entrepreneurship.

“To Mercy, Trevor, Emmanuel, Amanda, Noah we would like to thank you for Playing Your Part,” says Mr Miller Matola, Brand SA CEO.  “As Brand SA we acknowledge neither government nor business can solve South Africa's challenges alone. Please continue playing your part.”

Play Your Part programme is about realising not everyone can afford to donate thousands of rands to a worthy cause, however if we all contribute what we can when we can, together we can make a tangible difference. Our collective impact when each South African plays their part (whether monetary or time) is immeasurable.

“There are amazing people doing amazing things every day, in every part of our country, and the play your part platform is perfect for you to share your stories, and to celebrate each other as citizens of our wonderful country,” says Sithembile Ntombela, Brand Manager Brand SA.

Play Your Part is a nationwide campaign created to inspire, empower and celebrate active citizenship in South Africa.  It aims to lift the spirit of our nation by inspiring all South Africans to contribute to positive change by becoming involved and doing; because a nation of do-ers is what can significantly change perceptions and realities.

Individual actions have a collective impact; Play Your Part believes together as a nation, we can leave a legacy of a better South Africa for its people.

Now it is time to play YOUR part…

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