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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Even if he pays 100 cows his dream will never come true - Zahara!

The Daily Sun has reported on Thursday that it's been over six months since Sifiso first told the world he was prepared to pay 15 cows to make Zahara his wife.
After all this time he still is hopeful the famous singer will be his wife -   and he’s doubling his offer. Last year Sifiso Simelane (39) offered 15 cows. Now he’s back with an offer of 30 cows!
The desperate man, originally from Swaziland, is so hot for Zahara he is asking for divine intervention. Pastors and prophets held a three- hour ceremony on a ridge in Joburg, Gauteng to pray for him.
Speaking to Daily Sun, Sifiso, who won a Satma in 2007 for his SiSwati traditional music album, said he will not rest until he wins Zahara’s heart. “God whispered to me in my sleep, telling me about her. I realised it is only the money that isn’t enough.

“I have spoken to the king in Swaziland and I can now offer 30 cows.” “I’m leaving everything in God’s hands. ”He first came to the People’s Paper late last year but it appears he fell in love with Zahara over three years ago.
Pastor Thulani Manana of the Disciples of Christ said they don’t mind praying for him. “We are only doing what pleases God,” he said. Prophet Mashosho said they will pray but it is for God to decide whether He will help Sifiso.
Pastor Lady Mkhokheli of Galathia Church said God will punish Sifiso if he is using the church to promote his business. Asked about his wife and children, Sifiso said he is an African man and can have as many wives and children as he wanted, provided he was able to take care of them.
The holy people all agreed they don’t interfere with someone’s personal life. Zahara is no more impressed with Sifiso than she was last year.
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“I don’t know Sifiso. Even if he pays 100 cows his dreams will never come true.”
Source: Daily Sun / Pic: Daily Sun.
What do you think? IS this man a STALKER? Your views below comment box!

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