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Thursday, April 10, 2014

South Africa's Popular BIG NUZ Didn't Pitch at a NUZ FESTIVAL AT The Weekend!

South Africa's biggest Daily newspaper the Daily Sun has reported that fans were left disappointed when Big Nuz didn’t pitch for their performance at the NUZ Festival and Expo at the weekend in Umlazi, Durban.

The fans complained that the popular group was like the face of ikasi and their no show stunt was disappointing.
The event started on Friday and ended on Sunday.
The award-winning kwaito group was booked for a wrap-up performance on Sunday.
The crowd shouted, “We want Big Nuz!”, non-stop, leaving event organisers helpless.

A fan, Thubo Ngidi, said: “Big Nuz is like the face of Umlazi. They should have dropped everything and come here. I’m disappointed that they have forgotten about where they come from.”
Big Nuz’s manager, Mthokozi Khathi, known as DJ Tira, was at the venue trying to phone the group members.
He later told Daily Sun: “I knew that they were performing in Namibia on Saturday night but I thought they would be back by this time. I feel bad.
“The problem is that Mampintsha can’t fly and that delayed the group’s journey driving back.
“Mampintsha’s aerophobia is really killing the group. But there’s nothing I can do because I can’t send other members to perform without him.”
Organiser Sandile Dlamini said besides Big Nuz’s no-show, the event was a success.
Source: Daily Sun

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