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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

POWER 98.7 celebrates the power of the people through music!

Music is the heartbeat of South Africa – every emotion, from happiness to sorrow, and victory to anger, is expressed through music. During the liberation struggle, music became not only the food of love, but also of hope and courage at a time when each day was a fight for human dignity.

This year, as we celebrate 20 years of democracy, we have the opportunity to honour the legends who fed our hope with their music. To the many South Africans suffering under an oppressive system, their songs were the voice of hope and encouragement. Today, we salute their power to stand up for what they believed in.

POWER 98.7 has partnered with the Joburg Theatre to remind the country of those powerful voices that gave us the soundtrack to our long road to freedom. We are elated to have been given the opportunity to be a part of the Anthems of Democracy concert that will be taking place from April 24-28 2014.

The Anthems of Democracy concert will feature a line-up of musical icons who fought apartheid with their music and poetry and whose songs during the struggle became anthems for the fight for democracy. The concert will also feature British musician Joan Armatrading.

“POWER 98.7 was not around during those days, but the strength, courage and stubborn perseverance of those who fought for us is something we endeavour to preserve in our daily line-up. By ensuring that everyone who has a voice can be heard, we are honouring those soldiers of freedom. Being part of the Anthems of Democracy initiative gives us a further platform to fulfil that mission,” says POWER 98.7 Managing Director, Dawn Klatzko.

As a media partner to the Joburg Theatre, POWER 98.7 is also giving its listeners a chance to be part of the celebration through the Anthems of Democracy concert. This coming weekend, we will give away a total of 60 tickets to a few lucky listeners.

All listeners have to do is to call in when they hear a song by any of the musicians who are to perform at the Anthems of Democracy concert. Each winner stands to win four tickets to the concert. Listeners must be sure to tune in to the POWER Buro, POWER Experience, POWER Fix and the POWER Express to stand a chance to win.

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