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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Muvhango Creator Duma Ka Ndlovu Addresses A Representative of KZN Gay Men!


So this (Name of publication omitted) reporter sms'es me today about a Durban guy, who went to the newspapers and said that he has been asking me for a job at Muvhango for the longest of time and I am ignoring him! The reporter mentions the name of the guy (never heard of him) who says that he wants a part in Muvhango because he wants to represent KZN gay men in the soapie. 

I then text her back and tell her that there are only two ways to get a job at the company, firstly you submit a CV to the producers and they evaluate it like any other (there are procedures you know) that is if you are looking for a technical job, or if you are an actor you go through auditions like everyone else. I then mention to the journalist that I have never heard of the guy and if he had actually spoken to me, I would have told him exactly what I have just mentioned, because everyone who approaches me about a part on Muvhango, or about an internship, or a job on set, I say exactly that. Because we have systems and procedures.

But what scares the hell out of me is that the journalist actually called me, which means that she is writing a story about someone who says he wants a job at Muvhango and I am ignoring him!!! What is the story there? That anyone can just hound someone for a job and they will get it? I really am confused. And actually I wouldn't be surprised if the story runs in the paper. Just curious to see what the headline will say: MUVHANGO PRODUCER SNUBS GAY RIGHTS ACTIVIST! or I WANT A JOB AT MUVHANGON AND HE IGNORES MY CALLS!

Sometimes it really is not easy in this industry of ours. I guess journalists do run out of stories to write.

Source: Duma's Facebook 

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