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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Secrets: Lexi receives most nominations!

Lexi Big Brother Mzansi.
Last night (Monday, 10 March), during the live BIG BROTHER MZANSI SECRETS Nomination Show, screened on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) at 21:30, this week’s lucky Head of House Mzamo again saved Thando and put Sol up for eviction, after a day that saw Mandla and Loko win individual immunity while Lexi received the most nominations (7) from her fellow Housemates followed closely by Jase (6).

Here’s how they nominated:

  • As per last Monday, this week a consistent Iris repeated her nominations of Lexi and Jase; Saying that they don’t see eye to eye, this week Jase nominated Sol as well as Lexi;

  • In the Diary Room Kat confided in Big Brother that her nominees for this week were Thando and one-time romantic interest Jase, who she said had changed his character toward her;
  • Following their heated argument this past weekend, Thando was Lexi’s first pick for nomination this week followed by Jase. Lexi said she felt that Thando has not been genuine and real from the first week.
  • Getting straight to the point Loko chose on again, off again couple Mandla and Lexi as her nomination targets for the week;
  • Mandla was in a playful mood in the Diary Room as he nominated Thando and Jase this time round;
  • Having recovered from his sadness and tearful reaction at the news of Lola’s eviction, MK nominated Lexi and Jase for the second consecutive time in a decision that uncannily echoed Iris’ choices;
  • Mzamo chose couple Mandla and Lexi as his nominees this week, telling Biggie that it was uncomfortable to live with Lexi as "she’s extremely selfish and inconsiderate of others";
  • Poolie seems unable to forgive Kat for her turbulent relationship with his best friend Jase so he nominated her for nomination again, putting her up along with Mandla;
  • Thando wasted no time in nominating Lexi and Sol, saying that she believes that Lexi uses other people to fight her battles for her;
  • Sol felt that Jase had disrespected him as Head of House, so Jase was his first choice for nomination, followed by the infamous girl from Cape Town Lexi.  

At the end of the nominations round, interestingly Iris, Loko, MK, Mzamo (who is currently Head of House and immune to nomination) and Poolie walked away with clean sheets having gained no nominations whatsoever from fellow Housemates this week.  It was the second consecutive week that Iris and Loko received no nominations begging the question, do the Housemates not see Loko or Iris as threats? With Lexi getting 7 nominations and Jase getting 6 nominations, this week Kat received just 1 nomination, Sol received 2 while Mandla and Thando received 3 each.

Whilst Loko certainly didn’t need immunity this week, she did win the messy and colourful individual immunity challenge along with Mandla on Monday (10 March) morning, as the two Housemates who were able to most successfully complete the challenge of lying down in a tub of bright paint and then hauling themselves across the arena on their bellies, using a rope line, in the fastest time.

So, at the end of the day, this is how the nominations stand for this week: JASE, LEXI and SOL are all up for eviction. But who will leave this week? Only the voting audience can decide that. So make sure you vote and then tune in to Mzansi Magic on Sunday (16 March) at 19:00 to see just who will be evicted.

And if you want more news and information on the show before you vote, check out the show’s official website ( Twitter (@BBMzansi) BIG BROTHER MZANSI SECRETS, live 24/7 on DStv channels 197 and 198 though the Sunday shows at 19:00 are exclusive to Mzansi Magic.

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