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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Secrets The Housemates Nominate!

Thando is up for eviction.
Last night (Monday, 3 March), during the live BIG BROTHER MZANSI SECRETS Nomination Show, screened on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) at 21:30, this week’s Head of House Sol saved Mandla and put Thando up for eviction, after a day that saw Housemates nominate each other for eviction for the very first time in the game.

Here’s how they nominated…

For her two selections, Iris chose Jase and Lexi saying that she’s not as close to Jase as she is to the other guys in the house.

For his part, Jase put MK up for nomination this week, along with Mandla.

Kat was very vocal in her nominations. She first chose Thando, who she described as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  She then chose Lola based on ‘her lying to me and gossiping behind my back’.

Lexi named Mzamo and Jase as her nominations this week, saying that she and Mzamo do not get along. Surprisingly Lexi did not nominate Iris despite the fact that relations between the two are decidedly frosty.

Loko named Lexi as one of her nomination picks this week, along with MK. Meanwhile Lola’s two picks for nomination this week were Kat and Mandla.

Mandla chose Poolie and Lola for nomination, saying that whilst he was not a medical practitioner, he felt Lola’s fitness levels have definitely affected her personality and her stay in the house.

It appears that there is no love lost between MK and Jase because MK also chose Jase for nomination this week, along with Lexi. Mzamo also picked Lexi and Jase for nomination, saying that Lexi had cost the house a couple of challenges and had been ‘overly difficult’. 

Poolie reciprocated when he put Mandla up for nomination, followed by Kat.  Poolie explained his decisions saying he felt he had nothing in common with Mandla. Regarding Kat, Poolie felt that she was playing around with the guys.

Thando must have had a feeling that Kat was going to nominate her because given the opportunity, she also put Kat up this week saying, ‘I do believe she’s one of the people in the game that will definitely do anything to win the money.’ Thando’s second pick was Mandla.  

Sol put Lola and Lexi up for nomination, saying Lexi had come into the house with a tit for tat attitude.

At the end of the nominations round, interestingly Loko, Sol and Iris walked away with clean sheets having gained no nominations whatsoever from fellow Housemates this week. Lexi was top of the nominations list having received no less than 5 nominations from her fellow Housemates. But lucky for Lexi, she won Monday morning’s individual immunity task, along with Mzamo, which means that both were exempt from nomination this week.

This meant that nominees this week would have been Jase (4), Kat (3), Lola (3) and Mandla (4). But last night, Head of House Sol got to exercise his ‘save and replace’ power and he did so very quickly. Surprisingly, Sol chose not to save love interest Kat, opting instead to take Mandla off the nominations list and replace the spaza shop owner with Thando.

So, at the end of the day, this is how the nominations stand for this week: JASE, KAT, LOLA and THANDO are all up for eviction! But who will leave this week? Only the voting audience can decide that. So make sure you vote and then tune in to Mzansi Magic on Sunday, 9 March at 19:00 to see just who will be going home this week!

And if you want more news and information on the show before you vote, check out the show’s official website ( 

You can also engage with the show and other fans on Facebook (, Twitter (@BBMzansi) or using the WeChat platform (ID: bigbrothermzansi). Remember also to stay tuned to BIG BROTHER MZANSI SECRETS, live 24/7 on DStv channels 197 and 198 though the Sunday shows at 19:00 are exclusive to Mzansi Magic

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