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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Secrets: Four Nominated This Week, no ‘Save and Replace’!

Last night (Monday) during the live Big Brother Mzansi Secrets Nomination Show on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) at 21:30, Big Brother announced that this week Iris, Lexi, Mandla and Poolie are all up for eviction! 

Biggie then also announced that this time round, there would be no ‘save and replace’ decision for the Head of House to make, news that brought a happy smile to Loko who is currently that title-holder.

With little over ten days left before the 63 day reality show awards a massive R 1 million grand prize, the race is on to see just who will survive this week’s viewer vote. For the Housemates however, who all mistakenly think the show is 91 days long, it’s just business as usual, albeit with their Canadian guest Emmett Blois in residence where he’s been taking charge of getting the house all cleaned and polished.

Meanwhile Kat continued her stay in Suite 501, where she has been secretly watching all the goings on in the house, and more recently bonding with this week’s individual immunity winner Sol, who joined her to share in the peace, quiet and luxury of the hidden haven.

Yesterday, having come to terms with the double eviction that saw Mzamo and Thando leaving the game this past weekend, the eight remaining Housemates headed back into the Diary Room for their latest round of nominations. This is how those interesting sessions played out…

  • Sol was quick off the mark to nominate Iris and Poolie.
  • Iris, who was inconsolably tearful on Sunday night, returned the favour when she nominated Sol, and her long-time foe Lexi.
  • Loko also nominated Lexi this week saying that, ‘just one moment when you feel like things are sorted, then she switches and things aren’t sorted.’ Loko’s second nomination went to Mandla.
  • For his part Mandla nominated Poolie and Iris saying that not only did Poolie vote for him but ‘he’s one of the people that have been on Lexi’s back in terms of nominations.’ Mandla also memorably nominated Iris with the unforgettable line, ‘I feel as though she should pack just one more time so that she can unpack at home.’
  • Poolie was clear about his nomination for Mandla this week saying, ‘he’s still not real in the house, he’s fake, he’s playing a game for real.’ Sol was Poolie’s second nomination.
  • MK once again nominated Lexi for eviction and his second nomination went to Mandla because, ‘I feel if I am up for eviction, I’d rather be up against Mandla now than later on.’
  • Lexi also nominated MK saying she felt that he was ‘dodgy’ around her. Her second nomination was for Iris.
  • Kat also nominated from Suite 501. Her choices were Poolie and Lexi because ‘she’s one of my least favourite people in the house.’

When the proverbial dust had settled after nominations, Lexi led the pack with 4 nominations with Mandla, Iris and Poolie each scoring 3 apiece. Sol received 2 nominations and MK received 1.

The Housemates then waited for Head of House Loko’s decision on who to ‘save and replace’ this week but at the end of the Nomination Show last night, Biggie advised the remaining 6 Housemates (excluding Sol and Kat who are currently being rewarded in Suite 501) that there would be no 'save and replace' swap.  The reason was simple – given that four Housemates were nominated while Kat, Loko and Sol were all immune this week,  if a 'save and replace' swap was to happen, it would mean that HoH Loko would only have one replacement option in MK. MK would then unfairly become an automatic default replacement choice.

As a result, in the penultimate week of the show and in the interest of fairness, Biggie made the decision to let the Housemates' nomination decisions be the final deciding factor in determining which Housemates are nominated for eviction this week.

This means that nominees this week are – Iris, Lexi, Mandla and Poolie. Meanwhile for Kat, Loko, MK and Sol, their participation in the Final on Sunday, 6 April is pretty much guaranteed. But just who will leave this coming Sunday (30 March) and how the Final will play out, still remains to be seen!

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