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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"Let's start with that bloody Cosmo character!"

Noluntu's mum might be back!
It might be South Africa's leading soapie when it comes to Viewership - but it's also SA'S number one soapie filled with bullshit Production.

Generations have been a household name for almost two decades.  Much so for the black communities who have no other choice but to settle for the below par standards production dished to them by SABC1’s leading soapie Generations. 

The creator of Generations Mr Mfundi Vundla who clearly lost his creative juices many years ago thinks viewers cannot differentiate between good and bad television.   And this affects the creativity of his production team  as it is obvious that whatever Mfundi  wants or says crap or not GOES.

Mfundi Vundla
I don't want to sound rude or otherwise, the old chap should bow out now and watch his creation grow without any interference.

There are a number of things worrying about the soapie. Let’s start with that bloody 'Cosmo' character - I feel like there was no need to keep him for so long in the script. It's one of those characters that excite a viewer when they get one call only. It would have been nice for Cosmo to appear just to roughen up Choppa, grab him by his balls and sweat his spinal cord while licking his face. Choppa learns his lesson and it ends there and Cosmo is gone.

Next is the Senzo drug use story line. I feel this was overdone too and it went to some state of annoyance.  I am glad last night (Monday) we finally saw a change or rather an end to the miserable character.  What I liked about this story line though is how they developed it when it came to showing how drug abuse can also pose a great danger to your family and yourself (BRAVO for that piece only).

Ronnie Nyakale plays Cosmo.
At the weekend the Sunday Sun reported that Mawande will be back - I took a step back and did my tap dance - I remembered the article I wrote about characters that the Soapie cannot afford to kill because their presence will always be on the minds of the viewers. Now Mfundi tell us who is the Diva and who's the twit between you and Mawande? Clearly, the twit is you in this case.

I also can't wait to see Akhona's exit because she showed Mfundi the middle finger a long time ago.  This is how I predict will happen-  she's trying to dig who killed her mother Kimberly and why  so I think Sbusiso will be angry when she's getting close to the truth and have her killed. 

Another annoying thing is the character of MJ.  Sbusiso is trying to reach out to him, covered his ass when he needed it the most but he's so arrogant to accept that the man is indeed his father.. Can MJ and Sbusiso connect already? (Pukes)!

I am humbly asking the writers to write Cosmo out of the Soapie. Can Choppa be brave and kill him by mistake please or have MJ knocking him out dead with a punch anything please!

One last tap! Mfundi please stop being a "bully" because you are killing the Soapie and your creative team! Man up and let creatives take your good initiative to greater heights.

By Buchule Raba Follow me on Twitter @BuchuleB

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