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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gigi LaMayne has just released a freestyle promo video #Shocker!

The Best Female Award winner at the 2013 South African Hip Hop Awards (SAHHA), Gigi LaMayne, has done it again. This teenage Hip Hop sensation has just released a freestyle promo video "Shocker" as a build up to her forthcoming 2014 offering.

The youngest award winning lyricist, Gigi LaMayne's much anticipated freestyle promo dropped on Friday February 14 assuring to get tongues "wagging". This is just a teaser from her new project, "Colour Of Reign". She never ceases to awe many alike, with timeless lyricism and pure musical skill. 

With joint efforts from Back Yard Factory productions, and Mix Masters, an idea of her identity shines through as to who this mystery kid really is. Gigi LaMayne is coming of age on this recent material as a full package with style, flow, lyricism and her own musical identity. "Colour of Reign" Mixtape is due to drop on July 7th featuring renowned music producers such as Neo Beats and Mix Masters, Zimbabwean radio personality and artist, DJ Naida, among other exciting features. ARTIST: GIGI LAMAYNE SONG TITLE: Nu Age Nudes #NAN

By Staff Reporter

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