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Thursday, October 17, 2013


Daily Sun reported that Sechaba on Wednesday was given a suspended sentence of five years by the Ladybrand Magistrates Court in the Free State. This was for the rape of a 15-year-old girl.
Who's next? Talking about artists who are in the Gospel for the wrong reasons. What Gospel are they really preaching to people? 
South Africa's most selling daily newspaper continued to report that the award-winning singer had been out on bail of R6 000. He was charged after he got the girl pregnant in January last year. His lawyer, Eugene Willard, pleaded with the court not to send his client to jail. 
“He has shown remorse and went on television to come clean before his court appearance. Please don’t be harsh. He has learnt his lesson,” said Willard.
The victim’s sister was called to the stand. She said Sechaba was supporting the child. When asked how the victim was coping, she said she had been depressed after the birth but was doing better now.
At least he has brains to support the child of the child he made pregnant!
Before passing sentence, Magistrate Joseph Koekemoer said Sechaba had to raise his nine children.  “You need to forgive yourself. You have a responsibility to raise your children. It seems that you are willing to take responsibility but your name will be on the register of child rapists. You will not be allowed to work where there are children,” Koekemoer said.
Usually artists do charity work - so no more charity work for him where children are around - begs the question, should his own children be guarded? 
Sechaba’s wife, Julie Pali, was not in court but he was supported by friends. He told Daily Sun he needed to work on his life. “I’m not happy about what I have done but I ask for forgiveness. I would like to thank those who supported me through the case. I promise to be a better man. I’m also planning a campaign against the abuse of women,” he said.
Sechaba has fallen from the highest chair of the Gospel but let's forgive him - at least he needed six months in jail to refresh and never do such again.
By Staff Reporter
Source: Daily Sun |

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