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Friday, August 30, 2013

Vaal Beach Party Comedy Night there’s a room for Growth!

It was an unusual night of comedy, from the moment we arrived past 7PM and the comedy was scheduled to start at the aforementioned time – but attendees seemed like droplets of rain!

Vaal Comedy night kicked off with a very slow phase that turned to loads of laughter as the night went by. The comedy that took place at the Vaal Civic Theatre was hosted by MSP.

The show that turned out to be great was MC’d by Thapelo ‘Tips’ Semeese who joked about ‘Gays’ as if there's some experience in that department. The show was indeed dedicated to vernac, in particular Sotho, which left me laughing when the language was obvious!

Tip: Comedy should cater for everyone unless stated otherwise, and then one would understand.

Local Comedians: Weez
Tips broke ribs and twisted intestines as the host - too funny. I don't know if he can crack other markets that aren't Sotho speaking, he can't even peel off that Pretoria Kasi swag. He's pretty amazing though.

The opening act, Wezz or something looked lost and unsure of what was expected of them. They are a trio dressed in some dirty and cheap-looking cowboys’ props - they'd do amazing as black clowns for Marikana kids. Anyway, at the end they gave us a DVD that gave us hope of something prepared with time.

The supposedly main acts then dazzled on stage starting with Pule, the white Tswana and Kasi-lingo speaking Mlungu. Pule, Pule, Pule... When he debuted on the Strictly Vernac DVD, I thought he had something special and will carve a promising path in the industry but it seemed like he's stuck in his debut act.

He's been repeating material he did on that DVD and some that I've seen him do repeatedly on other gigs. In full Skhothane gear, the clumsy Pule looked like an Albino Skhothane or Warras of Live AMP on SABC 1, just with some poppy and fluffy hair. Work on content please Pule and stop using the excuse of being a white-shell who speaks vernac! 

Great act of the night has to go Skhumba, featured on Mzansi Magic's Taxi Ride; man killed the audience, buried them, and enjoyed the funeral cover money. He had such a great material and stage management. SK is a force to be reckoned with.

Then lastly there was Mashabela, another funny Limpopian after the death of Ashiffa Shabba's comedy career. He came on stage nearly 3 hours to the show and we were starting to yawn!

Word says he's got an ego bigger than Nicki Minaj's behind, for what though? Not now Mashabela, Limpopo isn't a continent, being big there is like competing with other Limpopians in genital sizes, okay.

Besides the turn-out of the people, Tropika and Red Bull sponsored the free drinks that kept us awake for some boring acts. They might have bored us to the core but locals seemed to relate with showers of laughter.

Thanks to comedians Skhulu and Thulani who also brought a bit of fun combined with shyness! 

Thank you to MSP for the hilarious celebration of comedy. We are looking forward to having Trevor Noah hopefully next year and the venue will be filled to its ribs!
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