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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kimmie Kool please help us find Lira's awards!

While Lira performed at the Robert Kelly show, criminals were awarding themselves at her house!

They probably can't even sing, nor produce music, but they've bagged 10 SAMA Awards, making global music sensation Lira ( Lerato Molapo) the world's most award-losing singer.

Scumbags broke into Lira's mansion and just indulged themselves with her golden SAMA statues and took other valuables. The victim shared the sad news on Twitter this morning.

Twitter went abuzz with fans consoling Lira, however other comrades couldn't miss an opportunity to make a mockery of Lira's misfortune.

One wonders how did these instant winners get into her house, or her gigantic dogs are just toothless and voiceless puppets? Inside job here!!! Someone really close to her might have wanted to  spite her, someone really really close! 

What about the high-tech security system? Did it just go off (nje) just for control? Speculation is rife, were there even thieves? Robin (the hubby),  Sarah and Maria (helpers from Dobsonville), Oupa and George (security guards), should be questioned. Or other industry peers might have planned this; women and PHD syndrome!!!

If they were caught on CCTV, I'm sure they fun, I can imagine them re-enacting the whole MTN SAMA night!

Zahara girl, kindly take your awards to Eastern Cape!

Wouldn’t Arthur Mafokate loved to have those 10 awards locked in a safe place at 999 Music?

Unathi Msengana when was the last time you won an award (SAMA)?

Deborah Fraser when was the time you won an award?

Lusanda Mcinga when was the last time you won an award?

Chomee have you ever won an award?

We hope it's not Penny Lebyane or Pearl Thusi because she's just everywhere and it makes sense if she awards herself!

Kimmie Kool please help us find Lira's awards! 

It can't be Rebecca Malope because she has a lot of those awards?

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