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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Their Characters can disappear but not be Killed!

Mawande - Nambitha Mpumlwane
WE always ask ourselves and we'll never stop questioning Soapies when it comes to some decisions! Looking at's Scandal and SABC1's Generations.

We all know that Mawande (Nambitha Mpumlwane) has been given the boot from the Soapie, but the question is, why her name keeps popping up on their story-line?

Soapies send their characters to where they want to keep them at a safe distance without committing to their death because they know they might need that character later in the story or due to demands from the telly viewers. 

Stan Nyathi -  Luthuli Dlamini makes his debut on Generations this month, in the role of Scott Nomvete, Nicholas' long lost uncle. He arrives on the scene on Wednesday, 24 July.

Stan - Luthuli Dlamini

Knowing that these are rival channels, Stan's character will be sent to Cape Town, if he will ever come back we don't know but killing him is not an option for Scandal, so does Generations for Mawande!

Fact can be stated that South African Soapies lack the skill to produce talent from the grass-roots to the tip of the grass, where they can now know that they've made their own stars... For that reason now they are facing a matter of firing and re-hiring later.

But one has to admit though this is a great move especially when you know that you might need a character going forward. 

I mean Generations cannot kill Mawande otherwise that will be a stupid move because we can see that her character is still in the story-line and there's a need to bring it back later, only if they know what's good for the leading Soapie.

Generations broadcasts on SABC 1 Monday - Friday at 8:00PM and Scandal broadcasts on Monday to Friday at 7:30.

By Staff Reporter 

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