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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mzansi Love: Kasi Style - Secret Marriage!

Leroy Gopal.

After being fired from work, Keneiloe decides to start her own small business fixing computers. Her friend Helen introduces her to her colleague, Joshua Pembe (JP) from Kenya, who Keneiloe quickly forms a great camaraderie with.

When Helen points out the chemistry between the two of them to her, Keneiloe quickly shuts her down, giving many excuses why she would never be attracted to JP. With her financial problems mounting, Keneiloe and JP’s sudden dismissal from his job, they could both do with their financial burdens being shared, Helen suggests they form a partnership which will solve both their problems. JP is under immense pressure to renew his working permit otherwise he would have to return Congo.

Helen suggests to Keneiloe that JP could invest a considerable sum of money into her struggling business in exchange for her marrying him to allow him to stay in the country, Keneiloe eventually agrees.

As they live as ‘husband and wife’ they are faced with a series of complications, which lead to real feelings developing between them. When JP eventually finds another job, they can finally put an end to their “fake marriage”, but it is also clear that that are really in love with each other. Will they have the courage to admit their feelings to each other?

TX: Tuesday, 9 July at 8:30PM

Starring:  Petronella Tshuma and Leroy Gopal

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