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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Instead of wearing thin spaghetti straps, choose wider straps that are more flattering!

"Not because it looks good on a window you think it will look good on you!"

Introducing myself to you as the NEW fashion editor of GoXtra News, I am Nkosana Dakie, well, I will be advising you on the do's and dont's on fashion, unisex fashion items. We'll have the chance to explore fashion on a different level which is to focus more on the street wear another excuse to have a glimpse in terms of color, the safe bet is to stick to timeless brown/tan, or nautical tones of blue and white – white leather shoes being Fashion Beans' pick for SS13. 

However, a striking colored pair of suede drivers/loafers will help make an instant statement, especially when paired with a predominantly neutral palette; new trends which will enlighten the statement Prints/Colors Prints and patterns have only just seen a recent trend resurgence, and they are perfect for making a statement at events that demand a heightened degree of formality. 

Incorporating a print can be tricky, but when done right will work wonders for your look. And the most fun part we will be looking at our very own celebrities' dress sense from that ugly fur coat Kelly Khumalo wore in a sunny day in court to that nice tailored suit Dj S'bu owns, celebrity or not, I am out to get you and your fashion sense.

To start, not because it looks good on a window you think it will look good on you. It's very important to know exactly what types of clothing will look best on your frame and it is the key to pulling off a feminine look. Here are a few suggestions:

Use caution when wearing strapless or thin-strapped designs. This is because men naturally have broader shoulders than women, and if you want to pull off dressing as a woman seamlessly, opting to show your shoulders is a dead give away that you're a man. If you must wear a strapless style, be sure to have a wrap, stole, or jacket handy to cover up. Also, instead of wearing thin spaghetti straps, choose wider straps that are more flattering.

Form-fitting clothing looks better than you think. It may look and feel a little awkward at first, but deciding to wear form-fitting clothing over baggy, relaxed styles are definitely the way to go. It creates the natural outline of a woman's body easier, and helps you create the full illusion. Whether it be dresses, skirts, pants or tops, clothing cut close to the body works best.

Embrace darker colors, and be cautious with light or bold ones. Darker colors are going to easily conceal the more masculine elements of your body, thus creating a more convincing illusion. Lighter shades should really be worn with caution because you can't hide anything when the color you're wearing is especially light. Bold colors are more forgiving than light ones, but they also tend to draw a lot of attention, so be aware before you buy.

Dress your body as though you were a woman. This basically means that the way you dress as a man does not apply to the way you dress as a woman. You need to know what a female body type you have, and dress it accordingly for the most flattering look. The way to do this is to do a little research on female body shapes and see which one you best fit into, and then style your clothing as such.

You may think just buying a suit and wearing it with a plain shirt and tie is all that's required for getting dressed for business, but coordinating outfits takes a bit more work than that. Even for casual wear, you want to get a good match of color, fabric and style so that you always present yourself as a man of quality. Do stick around for more fashion advice on the next article.

For most of you I'm looking forward to advice on how to change that drab look to a great stylish look, and to many (those who deliberately have a fashion crisis) it’s going to be a long bumpy ride, just fasten your seat-belt and enjoy the ride.

Besides giving you fashion tips, I'll also be attending fashion shows/week(s)!

About Me

Nkosana Dakie, born 19 September, raised in a humble home in the east of Johannesburg, from a family of five raised by a single mother and the first boy in the family (hence the name Nkosana, which means Prince). I am young man whose ought to swim with the big sharks out there, I am a dedicated, hard working, very energetic and very opinionated B. Com Law Student at one of the Johannesburg universities.

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