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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Today Bonang Matheba will be announced as the new Face of Revlon!

In Celebration tonight! Bonang Bagged A NEW GIG! It's breaking because we only saw Magazine ads that said none and she could be just a model!

We do know that tonight a Revlon Celebration dinner will be held at the great Johannesburg, Newton.

The event that will be hosted by DNA Brand Architects.

GoXtra News can reveal today that the event is to celebrate the youthful Matheba  and officially announce her as the new face of Revlon.

"You Bonang is very successful and tomorrow (today) they are officially announcing her as the new face of Revlon products." said a source close to GoXtra News.

Bonang is South Africa’s “it” girl, successful as a radio, television presenter and business woman who graced a numerous magazine covers both locally and internationally.

This is said to be an evening of glitz and glam as they will be celebrating a “historic milestone!”

The event will be held tonight and we hope to have more information! 

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