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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sad: A girl that shredded her dreams of becoming a Doctor by a choice!

She continues, “I did not sleep with some of these men but most of them I did and I never used any protection because they refused it and I did not mind.”
And on my mind I was like probably some of them infected you with the ugliest diseases they had too… And now it was beginning to be late, so I told her I am about to leave!
“Please Bhuti (Brother) help me I don’t have a place to stay at, so do you mind if I stayed at your place for a few days because I am going home next week…”
My eyes just went wild and my heart beat was at an athlete’s level of beating but I managed to calm myself down… And told her that there’s no problem we’ll arrange something.

Immediately after I excused my scared self to the lavatory and on my way I paid my bill and disappeared to a cab to the South of Johannesburg where I used to stay last year.
That was the last time I saw the young woman who introduced herself as Asanda…
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