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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I watch Generations because I have no kids to keep me busy by changing Diapers!

Please take retirement and don't take Generations with!

Open letter to Bab’ Mfundi Vundla

Dear Respected one,

I hope that you see this letter,

Allow me to congratulate you for such a TV soap that was once brilliant! You are a great creator in Africa and I respect that but let's get real now...

I do not by any objective want to sound like an ill-informed person, but I am struggling to comprehend why did Generations not win any awards at the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAS)? I mean really now? With further than 6 - 7 Million viewers? I say no! You've lost your creative juices, don’t you think it’s time to give upcoming filmmakers a chance to take the soap to other heights with their fresh ideas, not saying yours are stale but they need some magic touch. No one is going to take Generations away from you, so relax.

With such a number of audience! You have the chances to turn things around and make the best out of the soap. Or maybe you’re waiting for them to lose loyalty like the Judges? Blacks in particular are so loyal to Generations, not because they want to because your story line is so Pre school and is easily followed by those who are not creative themselves. You’re just another Tokoloshe production with no direction.

As surprisingly is this question of viewers, so I asked a friend of mine and he said, “Poor story-lines  with sometimes really bad acting and not so cohesive continuity... Simply put, it’s just rubbish compared to other soaps. Mfundi may be smiling all the way to the bank but if he is honest with himself, surely he knows that he's dishing really bad stuff to his audience.”

I couldn't have said what my friend said healthier, I fully agree you’re playing poppy-house and that’s not cool. Get interns just to squeeze their ideas out, even if you’re not going to hire them full-time that will help you a lot. And maybe you might end up getting rid of that bunch of lazy inhabitants in that office.

You did not even win the “best soap” by votes? Which means you have an inactive 7 million viewers. LOL! I am sure most of the actresses and actors will win at the KZN Soap Awards by your very own Winnie Modise (Khethiwe).

When the judging panel sits down I am sure they really check creativity and not what Barbie doll is doing at the playhouse with the girls and that’s why you’ll not win even next year, of course, unless you change your strategy!

Another floppy flop was to FIRE Nambitha Mpumlwana, wow! She was great and if she was a Diva, you hired her knowing how "Divarish" she can be. The sooner you learn that established talent make demands, well, you’ll have the best talent to be proud of. The sooner you learn that you need to invest and allow talent to air their creative juices, you’ll have a great soap.

At least Noluntu has moved on, geez! What a bore she was, of course character-wise… otherwise she’s a very humble being in real life!

Oupa Gqozo passed away so we don’t need another Gqozo to rule with his only final say! Be open to fresh and new ideas, and once again NO ONE IS GOING TO TAKE YOUR GENERATIONS AWAY! Or maybe you’re growing a family business? LOL, I beg to differ!

The SABC is just keeping that soap because of the lovely ratings so that they can generate so much damn TV ads!

Please do something Tat’u Mfundi, Generations is no longer the same, it’s no longer interesting, we watch it because some of us have no kids to keep us busy by changing diapers. How embarrassing it is to kill such an idea that was brilliant.

To me a Sketch is better than this acting with story lines that have no relation in between and it’s sickening to the stomach because Generations can be the soap that can change the mindsets of many South Africans.

Few words I got when I asked our readers about the soap:

“Kaak”       “Embarrassment”         “Sketch”      “Dead”
            “Black People Don’t Vote” I am sure this one was coming from one of your loyal fans who thought every category is voted for.
“End”       "Sucks"          "Boring"

By Buchule Raba |  GoXtra News - Facebook | Twitter | GoTv Channel

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