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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ntsiki Mazwai “You have no respect for authorities!”

Local artist and poet Ntsiki Mazwai took her anger and dissatisfaction about the South African president MR Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma to social networks Saturday.

The social network Street-Queen whom also host the Mama Said Sessions deeply expressed her controversial views against the president and she went as far as questioning how did MR Zuma get into the presidency? This is fueled by the fact that JZ was elected in Mangaung for the second term despite what the citizens of the country were/are saying.

Ntsiki started to make the obvious comparisons that almost a pre-school kid knows that “Jacob Zuma is not the same calibre as Mbeki nor Mandela.”

“It’s NOT FAIR to live in a country where we have NO SAY about who we want as president, THAT IS NOT A DEMOCRACY!” updated Ntsiki Mazwai.

The ANC Lectures Twitter handle fumed back with small fire balls – “Zuma is a bad President is a very poor statement and tells us of your thinking and liberal media’s influence on you!”

@ANC_LECTURES Twitter Bio – The aim? To teach every young South African about the biggest liberation movement in Afrika and the legends who shaped it! Website:

The controversial poet addressed the ANC Lectures with no fear of who they think they are and she said, “Wow! You even make up a quote 2 try prove your point – let’s start with honesty  then I can engage you!”

Another tweet seemed to agree with Ntsiki Mazwai asserts that they (Government of SA) feed on the poor  and the helpless like hungry vultures. And Ntsiki insists that the country should take to the polls and see where will MR Jacob Zuma stand!

“We the citizens tell the ANC how to run our country – not the other  way around! We put you there don’t you forget it!” tweeted the poet.

Does this mean voting for the ANC you agree to be led by whoever puppet they deem a leader? Tweeted another fan to Ntsiki Mazwai.

“Ntsiki it was intelligent of you to criticize the president of the RSA here on Twitter.” Replied Siyanda Maso Sabelo. And Ntsiki not being ignorant she fired back, “Telling the truth is disrespectful??? OK.

Siyanda told Ntsiki that she does not have respect for authorities and Twitter is not the relevant platform to address such concerns. Who said Twitter was a relevant platform for what?

“Ntsiki Mazwai the statement I made is exactly what you are trying to point out! Leadership has never come from a classroom alone. (Sic)” Tweeted ANC Lectures.

ANC Lectures added, “That statement (Zuma is not the same calibre as Mbeki and Madiba) is based on nothing but education, let’s be honest! Zuma is a self taught comrade!

For those who did not get it clear, Ntsiki simply means that Jacob Zuma is not the same quality or does not have the same degree or grade of excellence or worth as Thabo Mbeki nor Nelson Mandela.

Ntsiki dear you're killing your 2 cents fame already now!

According to Ntsiki Mazwai we have NO LEADERSHIP! What’s your take?

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