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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SABC 1 goes FO SHO on Vulgar language!

Nationally - Almost fifteen minutes before the end of the Hip Hop show on SABC 1 tonight, they decided to put an age restriction (16L). The fact that from the beginning there was no age restriction I thought they had edited the content.

Hip Hop music is very expressive and the language is very strong, which means the channel should have known that before and considered all measures. I am of the opinion that they didn’t even bother to watch or review the show before airing. Who’s accountable for such carelessness? Only the economic channel can answer that.

What impression does this give about Hip Hop to the concerned viewer? How can such be allowed to be seen by millions of viewers nationally? Why was age restriction visible 15 minutes before the end?

With all the work I do undertake on behalf of Hip Hop I can consider myself a Head. Wu Tang is amongst the most respected acts in the Hip Hop world. Upon the first glance I was greatly moved to see "real Hip Hop" grace the screens however I had to consider some other avenues.

 Firstly, the Americanization that Sabc is championing almost all the music shows they aired are foreign content which is not helping the South African artist.

Secondly, it’s easy easy to think that them playing Wu may increase the love for Hip Hop but as the show progressed I realized this will further strengthen the stereotype that Hip Hop as Hooligan Music vulgar was laced throughout out the tape I was glad my children were asleep.

This will close the doors for SA underground artists and close the ears of the possible corporate assistance. I wish that they go out there and research SA Hip Hop and give them a platform they deserve. It's 2013 for us to be force fed American content. SABC what is a mandate? Who are you accountable to?

Such should never be allowed to happen, this is really showing that someone out there did not do their job at all…

We would not want to assume that they took note of our Tweets and decided to put age restriction – but this is what we tweeted them.
Do consider my tweet time as I tweeted 22 minutes after the show started to allow time!

Take note of time once again - I sent the above tweet after they showed age restriction.
We would assume they took note and later considered to put age restriction.

Some did not mind the vulgar language at all -

“SABC 1 is starting to show love to the Hip-Hop lovers, this poetry! All that's left is for them to play Immortal Technique, Common, Talib Kweli etc. Conscience poetry with a beat. Us youth should listen to music with meaning and enlightenments and learn, not promote swag and alcohol.” Said one of our readers via Facebook (Que Mkhize).

We still maintain - it does not matter who the rapper was, fact remains age restriction was supposed to be there and that was proved by its later visibility.

By Yahkeem Ben Israel | edited By Buchule Raba | @BuchuleB | Who's Who SA | 

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