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Monday, January 7, 2013

Johannesburg South is no place for kids to grow up

As I am sitting on Verona Street, yes, it is located in the once suburb, Johannesburg South. With the history that will never be erased in the South African entertainment industry; where they shot and killed a reggae legend, Lucky Dube.

Today, I say poor Rosettenville, flooded with dirty drug dealers, whom, mostly are Foreign nationals. Streets plastered with dirty prostitutes, with no life and the thought of a deadly disease showers your cleverness, and you start to think, "Sex and money are best life pleasures..." – Prostitutes will always be around like always Coca-Cola.

As you walk down, deep, Lang Street (same street they shot Dube), you can see and feel the once presence of a true white area that has turned to a foreign dumping bin.

Just when you enter Verona Street from Main Street, the first traffic lights you approach, you find a BP Garage on your left -hand side. One highlight of this corner, is a poor white man, with one leg supported by crunches; begging for money. His arm is swollen by his old crunches and he looks disgusting and pale, wiping his mouth dripping saliva.

As you walk down the street, you see at night, dirty and ugly prostitutes that offer their services to foreign nationals driving German cars that congregate to purchase sexual pleasures.

As you pass the second traffic lights, which is corner Verona and Lang Street(s) right there on your left hand side, there's a liquor store and just any Foreign national you see there, will ask you, "Do you want weed my friend?"

So disgusting and I don't know why they don't ask a police official by mistake. I have nothing against Foreign Nationals, but some of them are messing up with our beloved country and it's so annoying.

This area is no place to raise a kid, Soweto can be a far better place, just to give you a clue of what I am talking about... Your kid(s) walks to the shops and see a young lady kneeling down by the traffic lights, showing her ass covered with G-string (Picture it). I swear, if you were with that kid, you would cover their eyes from the nakedness of the ass!

History –
Rosettenville is named after Leo (or Levin) Rosettenstein.

The first ever Nandos restaurant was opened in Rosettenville.

Rosettenville is also known as the place where reggae musician Lucky Dube  was shot dead in front of his children in October, 2007.

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