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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What are you reading as a business owner/aspiring?

"Running a business is more than a job; it shoulders everything from paying the employees, paying the loans and debts, calculating the taxes, and other responsibilities as an owner and an employer." Thabo Mokwena (Bixwoxmag)

To all young and aspiring business owners, I may or may not say ‘blacks’, get my standing? As an aspiring entrepreneur you must fully comprehend that the gibberish you read everyday will affect how you develop and conduct your business going forward. This means what? You must carefully select what books to read, newspapers/financial reports and magazines.

Do you know Bizwoxmag? No? Well, it is a digital business mag. The magazine focuses on helping startup and established businesses in branding, advertising, sales and marketing, management by giving such business advice. Need I say more? In the mag you’ll not be advised by any amateur but experienced and growing business leaders, entrepreneurs and owner managers who pass-through business, advertising, marketing and management experiences.

If Bizwoxmag claims to be trusted by their readers, I can surely divulge to you that’s no secret at all. As much as most of you know my opinions, well, I don’t read the gibberish that will not help myself and the other person to grow their business. I came across Bizwoxmag on Twitter through their handle @bizwoxmag and since early this year I have been following this magazine just to keep in touch with my secret love on how to grow a small business.

They offer everything you need to know, the how to, the why, the when and all other relevant solutions to help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

On their latest issue that I enjoyed reading during the early hours of this morning –

How To Build A Dynamic Advisory Board – read more [here]

The Top 5 Public Relations Tips – read more [here]

I loved this one because it is interesting to read especially for those business owners who think profit is for their own pockets – How do business owners pay themselves? – Read more [here] They warn that whatever strategy works for you, you must not forget that your business has bills to pay.

I would actually write a book about the magazine but I would also encourage you to go read the magazine and tell me what you think about it? To those who know it already, did you even share? Or you became jealous about sharing their worthy information? You thought hell no! My competitors will beat me to it? Business is not about ignoring competition and it’s not about succeeding alone.

Many businesses fail in South Africa because of the concept of ‘individuality’ – what I am concluding is, see foreign nationals grow their businesses in front of you and you go like, “It’s my country, they are taking our jobs… blah blah!” Secret why? They go out in huge numbers and buy in bulks, so they get the stock very cheap; while you go alone because you think you’ll succeed alone.


By Buchule Raba (Click my name to read my profile).

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