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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Breaking News: Mdantsane FM scoops the best community radio award

Eastern Cape: A community radio that is bound to take over the airwaves in East London, Mdantsane FM has recently celebrated its one year birthday.

The National Choral Music Awards were hosted in Durban last night, Mdantsane FM scooped the award for the best community radio station, ‘Ikwayara Ezitsho Kulandawo’ radio show.

The radio audience measurement survey (RAMS) that came out in October shows that the wonderful community station has grown from 78 000 to 100 000 and more listeners. “Our community appreciates what we are doing but we hope to get much clearer in terms of sound and reach more surrounding areas.” Said Sithembele Thomas who’s hosting a breakfast show called B2B.

The station’s programming is on point and there’s a potential to grow because they have a dedicated team and the FM is said to be among the best community radio stations in South Africa.

The station would like to thank Buffalo City Metro Municipality, their advertisers and their community for the continued support. “Artists are always with us, our dedicated staff and board members who always avail themselves in time of need.” Said Thomas.

The station reported to be in need of a full financial support is not backing down and is calling for more sponsors to get involved. “Challenges are financially, if we can get a stipend for for our staff, I am sure things will be much better.” Thomas also told us that the presenters do struggle to get to the station due to transport money. They are currently engaging local businesses to help them going forward.

By Buchule Raba

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