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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Is this a joke? Oscar Pistorious allegedly threatens to break someone’s legs?

IOL reported that Oscar Pistorius returned from the Londo Olympic games to find out that his girlfriend had allegedly cheated on him. Enraged by jealousy, he allegedly threatened to break the legs of the other man involved.

This is not right because cheating on someone is not funny at all, but how can Oscar make such threats? Knowing the pain and costs of living without legs? A lot has stressed Oscar one might argue, taking it from the fact that he was also outrun by another blade runner at the Olympics, and now the girlfriend is alleged to have cheated?

IOL also reported that the threats became so intense that a charge of defamation was laid against the man known as Blade Runner. Did that stop Oscar? He in turn has laid a charge of intimidation with the Hawks against former soccer player and Supersport presenter Marc Batchelor, a friend of the man he accuses of being involved with his girlfriend.

Apparently the whole drama started when Pistorious allegedly confronted coal mining millionaire and Clinton Shores TV producer Quinton van der Burgh in a VIP room at the Kyalami racetrack after he returned from the Olympics.
Talking about a man with guts, LOL Oscar! Read here as the drama unfolds…

By Staff Reporter

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