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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DJ Webster: I’m always ready to commit my time, money and patience

People think they know me and they don't, let me make things clear for those who claim they do. I'm one guy who loves people and gives everyone a chance to prove me wrong and if you do prove me wrong about yourself, then I will most def welcome you as a friend...YES, But if not..... I'm sure everyone has played Pinball...You do the any other person " I don't trust a human being " Especially  " Motho o montsho " (a black person hating another black brother)

People who attended High School with me think I'm the same person so they keep coming back for more...I'm a nerd like I used to be, I'm a super nerd so you can't fool me ;) now.

There are 2 types people in this world that I don't want in my life and will avoid by all means:

1. Opportunists - Those who think of you to make money for them than working for it.
2. Fake Friends - Those who think of you when they want something from you.

People seem to misunderstand me, first I'm a person that is strong and stable and I’m always ready to commit my time, my money, and my patience, with that I'm more apt to reap rewards than those quick - hitting opportunists.

1. There are these "People" who want me to book them for my events... But when they do events they don't bug me, so clearly I'm not good enough for you to book me now here is a twist :) and you're also not good enough for me...That's why I don't book you.

2. There are those "friends" who call me only when they want FREE Tickets to events, you know those VIP's, and FREE Passes... YES, those who don't pay cause they know you. He / She cries over R80 but can spend money from JHB to MFK for Petrol, Accomm, Tickets, you do the maths. So clearly I'm not good enough for you to pay to attend my events now here is a twist :) and you're also not good enough for me to get FREE VIP's, passes. I know what's best for me, after all I have been in the " Webster Molaudi business " longer than anybody. (I understand myself better than anyone )

So by now you've noticed I've distanced myself from you if you're one of them...

By Alan Webster Molaudi

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