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Sunday, November 11, 2012

411: The perks that comes with being a celebrity

What would happen to Zahara if she walks alone in Soweto?

Like any given industry, especially the entertainment industry, fame on its own have some drastic disadvantages, which at some great point, coerce celebrities to feel like their rights are being violated. This is by hook or by crook understandable because of the strain they get from us (Journalist), conversely, the law does state the differences sandwiched between public and private citizens.

Celebrities should know that they are treated with some special treatment, they endorse brands, they have fanatics, they have sponsors attracted to them to name just a few, as much as this is so, they should also consider the disadvantages attached to being a celebrity.

Put into your mind, what would happen to Zahara if she walks alone in Soweto or Khayelitsha? Her safety will be compromised, she’ll be asked to take photographs and sign autographs, some local criminals will ambush her. So this means celebrities should comprehend that they are nowhere to be like a normal person at all costs, that’s why they need not to behave in the public domain like an average person. If Lira is having lunch with her family at a public place, she cannot complain about being needy of her space and peace.

Celebrities should be watchful of their friends because they can attract too many bogus friends, and there are chances those friends will trickle personal information to the media for some ‘unethical’ financial increase, how many times have you heard this, “A close friend to Bonang Matheba confirmed to us…”? But we also know that these are people and it will be a train smash to smithereens to dissect every Tom and Jerry that comes into their lives.

The celebrated can also attract prowlers, thinking these people are fans. Because you’re famous, some people see themselves close to you and they don’t identify with anything about your safety concerns; so one needs to be careful about who they let into their life of fame. Also as Journalists we keep our cell phone code-locked overtime to avoid right of entry to celebrity contacts.

 The public forever judges famous people, not because they want to, but the media, television, newspapers and online publications feed them what to think about and not what to do. Therefore, if a celebrity is being judged, that’s not the media’s fault but how they choose to act in public.

Celebrities should and must always bear in mind that they have no or rather their privacy is limited, especially in public places. Remember when DJ Sbu was alleged driving with his birth certificate, the entire country knew about it. If Sizwe Dhlomo is gay, and has decided to date secretly, after a while things go sour, the entire country is going to know about it, especially if the other concerned party is a whistle-blower. Does not matter even if the relationship was cloak-and-dagger, because he’s a celebrity his privacy will be 100% compromised.

I would personally recommend that celebrities must see it as a necessity that their actions in public places are being properly conducted, and social networks to name just the most dangerous ones. Celebrities must never send bare pictures of themselves to strangers or anyone for that matter, does not matter how promising is the relationship at that particular moment; well, things could go disagreeable tomorrow.

By Buchule Raba | @BuchuleB

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