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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

suicide letter from a disgruntled limpopo child to the minister of basic education

smiling for our failure - angie motshekga minister of basic education.

dear mama motshekga and co-workers - although you've tampered with my right to be educated you're still in the office...

today as i am writing this exam i am thinking how you've made it impossible for me to even begin writing. i wanted to do too much like your own children. even though I am writing, I’m not really going to pass anyway, i am just passing the baby to its mother. i don’t want anyone to be disappointed in you because you said it was not your job to deliver textbooks, well, it was your department, you were deployed to make sure our educational needs are served.

it’s nice having money and you’re the living proof of that… i wanted to be educated and make money. today, i feel like you’re storming like sandy in my life.

being neglected and in depression, i hope together they grow, hope shall meet the hopeless limpopo children and their parents who see them in university, when there’s nowhere to go. but because you did not do the job you were deployed to do, hope is hopeless too.

when the exams are over, when one is assured of the results of the problem that could have been avoided and imminent failure, it is the simplest of human rights to get educated but you made it slow and a horrible one for us, limpopo children.

things went wrong too many times and your office has failed us, one of my teachers shouted, “i don’t know why is that woman still deployed…” in this matter you’re not as blameless as the snow. how do you feel when you've dismally failed your job? do you even have feelings? do you consider what Tat’ Mandela fought for? Democracy…

i am going to allow myself to write this exam a bit longer than usual. Call it whatever you may call it, but I call it trying to pass and succeed in conditions that your own children do not know.

you’ve ended our lives educationally. there’s no hope left for the limpopo children but parents are trying to be strong for them. i know you’ll be at peace when we fail this exam, hopefully you’ll also take the credit. no one had anything to do with this. my decision totally, as you took a decision that it was not your job to deliver textbooks.

to my family, friends and the nation to help them make sense of all these events that we went through quickly, some human have been waging war against us. i chose to rather leave the exam room, i have noticed that i am too late for this. i am just the most recent casualty in the war between you, others and our home leader julius malema. but tonight i have made a breakthrough and i am not going to be corrupt to survive – i am returning home, to heaven, to the place of my origins, where i will not be bothered by the so-called democratic corrupt leaders.

i see teachers in Samora not far from khayelitsha, cape town are boycotting classes during this time because of fear of their safety. but that has absolutely nothing to do with you or any of the government deployed leaders.

dear my fellow limpopo children, i am not writing this because i am bored. i feel hope is the right attitude to adapt at this point in time, where hope seems to be hopeless, where the minister is holding thumbs for us to fail in vein, well, because they don’t want to see any leader from limpopo.

i feel i have lived long enough in this province. i am leaving you with your worries in this bitter limpopo – good luck. i am going to the city of Johannesburg where every jerk is trying to be somebody without the government’s help.

forgive me. i can no longer live with the pain of this suffering, trauma and depression. i am going to be what Mama angie motshekga wishes me to be, a criminal, a beggar in the streets of johannesburg.

stay on, remain in those classrooms, make me and our parents proud… my letter singals the suicides and criminals that are forthcoming.

you're just the same as hurricane sandy, you've wreaked our lives...

I went through the minds of my fellow limpopo children... This is a letter through the mind of a Limpopo child, what might be going on their minds right now.

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