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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Besides Gwen's take: Thula Sindi took home 'SA Tourism Designer of The Year' Award

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa (AFI)

The highly noted and most prestigious Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (Africa) wrapped up with the awards on Sunday. The event was organized by the Africa Fashion International (AFI), it was held for the first time in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg North. It saw designers from South Africa, Cameroon, Nigeria, Angola, Morocco, Zimbabwe and Ghana to name just a few display their interpretations of trends for local and international audience including the media. The organizers did well in terms of putting the fashion week together, though shows were rather late by an hour or two. Now allow Gwen to get to the point…

Noted and congratulations to Thula Sindi for taking home the first ever title of ‘SA Tourism Designer of The Year. If it was for Gwen he could not have earned it, thanks to the panel of the judges.

The fashion week has always been Gwen’s first love, in admiring fashion and the darlings to it. I thought I would see Floyd of Smartees as I heard he is busy selling handmade male hats. What happen to color blocking and street wear designs?

Despite the fact that we were almost chased away from the Mac store private function by some PR sort of diva named Bridgette, who claimed to be the host and looked unfriendly. Saw Unathi Nkayi and the hubby. I swear the couple needs some few advice from iHashe eliMphlohe on how to keep it cool in the public domain. Oh yes Felipe Mazibuko the fashion antique was in the house.

The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (Africa) 2012!
Thanks to MAC for the free uninvited drinks. We also bumped into Lira who looked as if ah has just landed from a long flight. Girl I heard you saying something about being tired. Are you already tired of the marriage or traveling a lot? It comes with a package and please advise Thandiswa on how to keep it real and clean. Mrs Precious Moloi-Motsepe what happened to your makeup artists and sense of dress code this time? Gwen had to be told that's Mrs Motsepe.

Lira one of South Africa's greatest musicians making it big internationally!

Back on the ramp! All went well besides the boring after party in the V.I.P lounge in Sandton. I have never seen such strip and pole dancers in my life. Maybe if we were allowed in the Mercedes Benz lounge in Melrose Arch we would have slept on the couches as the guest list was boring with the likes of Uyanda Mbuli to name just once prominent name. Gwen decides to go home and write this. 

Thula Sindi’s showcasing day, Africa fashion week. Despite rush and rain weather the attendance was awesome with opening yellow depth prints and scaled brown finishes. Same old light silky fabrics. Background music Brenda Fassie ‘kutheni kulendawo kugcweli zindaba’. Morsel sense of African touch and less western looks. Cheap fabrics with dynamic mix and cuts. Pink strongly used, a confusing selection of themes with an obvious shoe collection some which did not match the outfits and fabric thrown over designs.

Two toned pink long plotted and black top dress same old with zip out finishing at the back. Taken from his old collection black plastic jackets Lady Gaga look alike. Some small street wear shops. Then back from the lounge and seated at the fashion show saw Motsepe looking same old rich man with the wife alongside him, man you got a Colgate smile these days and a warm receiving gentle appeal.

Thanks to Forbes for the sponsor. 
Pearl Thusi (Television personality)
Oh Pearl RGB looked like Alicia Keys during her wedding in Kwa-Zulu Natal in 2010, girl did you use same Zulu designer as her? I am sure have mistaken you with her and thanks to my photographer for correcting me. Oh poor me Gwen. 

The AFI chairperson Precious Moloi-Motsepe said, “Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa is the authentic contemporary African Fashion gathering, bringing together and honoring designers from the four corners of the continent and the African diaspora.” She continued, “This global platform for the African aesthetic showcases the global relevance and commercial viability of our industry.”

By Gwen (Fashion Correspondent) | Pictures by Buchule Raba

All models by Modahnik/Anya Anyoung Chee

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