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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apology and Retraction: We apologise to Generation's Thato Molamu

Following the story that we published about Thato Molamu's mother dying while he's in Mpumalanga enjoying the 60s Weekend Pre-Party on Friday, we apparently "misquoted" Thato as saying, "You can't take a picture of me while my mother is dying at home..." According to the soap's Publicist Nyagunda Ngwenya, he did not say that.

We sincerely apologize for the misquote of MR Thato Molamu of Generations. We indeed respect his decision not to take a picture with us as there were no interviews or whatsoever that were scheduled with him and the Generations' publicist, Ngwenya who called us today to confirm to us that Thato's mother is well and they could have been informed if she was ill.

It was not and will never be our intention to portray anyone for who they are not or did not say at all.

The Editor - For editorial email

The original published story with retraction [Here]

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