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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Xtra Sport: Can Igesund pass the trial exam?

Exhilarating times for South African soccer fans, as our very own Bafana Bafana takes soccer household Brazil in a friendly in Brazil. An Injury hit Bafana will be on a war of their life as Brazil manager is taking nothing for granted to this encounter as he called up his strongest trusted team. Can Igusund create history by becoming the first man from South Africa to defeat the country in which we model our game too? Sturdy but not impossible. 

Injuries in the Bafana camp are also not helping our mission, as the likes of Nomvete, Manqele, Ngcongca and our rousing skipper Steven all withdrawn, thanks to injuries. It's a blessing in disguise for Mr. Igesund and It could have been better as this will be his first assignment as our manager, but why against this mighty Samba kings? It's a game in which we won’t criticize him much if he loses, accurately we can’t expect him to execute miracles in his maiden match against Brazil to top it, let us be authentic. 

Brazil will be encumbered with the likes of hot, young and inspirational Neymer, and the physically Hulk who has recently left F C Porto and Zenit Pietersburg on a five year deal and it doesn’t end there, as also in there is Ramires, David Luiz, Alves, Silver etc. It's going to be hard for Bafana and they must prepare for war for the entire 90 minutes. With the missing of Morgan Gould in our defence, it remains to be seen how the replacements will accomplish. 

Regardless of Friday’s outcome, one thing for sure and that excites me is the new beginning of our team under Mr. League. I hope and pray that SAFA and everyone's anxiety will be true and honest with him, because in Gordon we have arguable one special in the whole country in every angle. If he will be supported and not interfered with his philosophies, then we are on the grove move. 

Definitely we have to draw out the inspiration ‘as if we need one though’ from our last encounter with them in CONFED Cup. Remember 2009 when late Dani Alves free kick sinks us at Ellis Park, 1-0 we lost, spirited presentation though under defensive minded Santana. That's how close we once came to top this mighty football nation, can we go one better? By 23-00 Friday night all will be exposed. 

It promises to be an exhilarating game as our own starts will want to showcase their skills and talents in defending lovable Igesund. And the match is the official handover of world cup rights as 2010 hosts, now we are passing it to Brazil; the game should be played in good spirits. To our boys go there and make us proud, show them that we can also play football just like them; we are all behind you, good luck!

By Fanele Mbuyazi | DO NOT FORGET TO HIT LIKE ON THE 'Friends of Macufe' Facebook page top right corner...

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