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Monday, September 3, 2012

The International Exhibition of Black Music Launch was larger than life

Friday, 31st, August the International exhibition of Black Music was launched in Museum Africa, Newtown, Johannesburg. The exhibition is the first tribute to black music of its kind and uses state of the art technology, with over 100 interactive audiovisual setups transmitting the sights, sounds and rhythms of artists from all over the world.

The experience: on arrival we were assigned an android operated Samsung Smartphones and Hi Fi headphones. As we walked through the exhibition, you plug into the musical interactive interface of the exhibition.

The exhibition comprises of a mind blowing 13 hours of music and images. It's defined by six themes narrating the story of black music through the ages and across the Diaspora:

The Six themes are:

  • The Legends of Black Music
  • Mama Africa
  • The Birth of a Black Atlantic
  • Sacred Rites and Rhythms
  • The Black Americans and,
  • Global Mix
Black Music

From the epic poems of Manding griots to the melodic laments of Mississippi Delta bluesmen. From New Orleans bars to Manhattan Clubs. From Yoruba rhythms to the birth of Afrobeat. From Maloya chants to samba Odysseys. From the Kingston neighbourhoods where ska and reggae emerged, to the Bronx wastelands where hip hop was born. To read more go to

Marc BenaƏche who was one of the speakers is the CEO and founder of Mandomix - France. The 12 year old major independent media (web and print) on world music in France. Mandomix is the initiator of the International Exhibition on Black Music which was presented in Senegal and Reunion Island and now in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Marc has collected a deep experience and knowledge in mixing media and new technologies, in production of big and complex media websites and in music films and documentaries. His field of expertise, world music, cultural diversity and digital development.

2010 is the year that saw the creation of The International Exhibition of Black Music by Mandomix, this multimedia exhibition has been presented in Dakar, Senegal, and in Saint Denis, Reunion Island. Now this magnificent exhibition is showcasing from September 1 to December 12, 2012, at Museum Africa in Johannesburg.

This unique multimedia project is the first initiative documenting black music as a full concept from African roots to blues, jazz, soul, funk, Caribbean and Latin American Music.

For more information about the exhibition of black music go to | Tweet @BlackMusicSA.

Once again thanks to Dreamcatcher Multimedia for making us a part and parcel of documenting this magnificent world wide story of black music told in the latest multimedia or rather technological experience. Dreamcatcher is a full-service creative agency of 9 years standing. Their core competency lies in the areas of media relations, event and  conference coordination and live stage and TV production.

By Staff Reporter

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