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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Opinion: These areas are so disgusting – Bellville Cape Town and Bree – Noord Jozi

Cape Town people with Fish & Chips - I don't even smell it here in Jozi. Greatly proves it is popular there because of the sea/beach’s popularity and the colored people (good at fishing) who eat fish and chips on a daily basis. Ever went to Bellville? See how dirty is the then town? Flooded with Foreign nationals, flooded with clean and dirty fish and chips shops, the dirt and rag along the railway station.

It is similar to Johannesburg Noord and Bree taxi ranks - you indeed feel like vomiting because of the dirt that is piling up on a daily basis.

The forever smell of beer urine - but in Bellville just near the railway station bridge where there's a station for railway Police, there's faeces of human as well – imagine that faeces being heated up by the summer heat, lifted by the slow breezes up to your nose.

These are two areas that I mostly don’t recommend, especially approaching the time of festivities. This year alone I lost my wallet two times – same day at Bree and Park Station, to top it all I was mugged in Park Station while departing for the Durban July.

But there’s one thing I loved about those Jozi crooks with cracks compared to Cape Town hungry crooks that are greasy as though they are bee hives. They only asked for change, of which I gave them 100 bucks and they gave me my 50 bucks back. If it was for Cape Town bloody crooks, they could have taken my recorder, laptop and camera. Yes, they took my phone once and my s-curl then just after my Grade 12 farewell was dusted with sand.

That day I felt like killing someone as those bustards kicked me down with what I rather saw as a fly kick in the chest. One held me tight on the legs, one on the chest and the other hobo searched my pockets as if they were his dad’s.

They will forever be there, well, it’s almost that time of the year now where they need to get paid. I mean, get paid for what? These people turn and toss with the sun on a daily basis and we work, what does the law do when you kill one of them? What does the law do when you go open a case? Nothing the law ever did for me, I mean nothing!

At the same time is it not wise to take the law into our own hands, well, should that happen, you’re going straight to Jail and trust me, you’re not Shabir Shaik or Jakkie Selebi; you’ll get rotten, sick and bitter behind bars. In a nutshell please be careful and always walk in groups – don’t compromise your safety because of a cell phone that you can buy tomorrow, yes, I know, the feeling of buying something you had before is so honestly irritating. But can you buy your life again?

By Buchule Raba | Twitter | Facebook | Who's Who

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