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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

411: They hosted parties for big names like 50 Cent – now let’s get to know them

The then theid-apart era in South Africa has amongst other things made people, even the typical person in Soweto aware of the word ‘exile’ – the aforesaid is the results why the Major League DJs (Bandile and Banele Mbere – born in 1991, January 3rd) grew up in the United State of America, though they cannot really tell a story about growing up there because their age was still stress-free at the time. As soon as the annoying era was over, they soon moved to South Africa (Johannesburg, Sandton).

The brand Major League comes from their formative years – they used to play Baseball; it was the focal sport they played in their lower school grades. They played for the Royals Baseball club and also played Baseball for Gauteng. Dating back from their days of being youth sport’s men, relatives and friends called them Major League for the reason that they always thought they are going to play Major League Baseball.

Music influenced them at a kind-hearted age, growing up, listening to Jazz, Gospel, Soul, RnB and Hip Hop genres from their dearest dad and older brother. Here’s our 411 with the Major League DJs…

Growing up – Career

Q – You guys grew up in the USA, how was it growing up there?

A – We were young when we lived there, so we hardly knew the difference between America and South Africa but there was no difference to us when we came here.

Major League DJs!

Q – Do you think would there be any difference if you grew up in SA?

A – Yes, we think they would because in America we were exposed to a lot of music growing up and we don’t think South Africa was exposed to so much music like the states, plus our parents stayed there in exile for over 20 years.

Q – How would you say growing up there impacted on your lives as young people?

A – We grow up in South Africa most of our lives, it’s just that our parents have a lot of American values and structure by the way they lived, America has impacted their lives greatly.

Q – How did you guys take the move? 

A – We had no choice to move to South Africa our parents felt like it was time for all of us to move back South Africa because it is a free country and they did so because they have been in exile for too long.

Q – How has that move impacted in your careers so far?

A – It hasn’t really impacted on our careers, but we know if we were still in America now our productivity would have been much higher because of the competition.

Q – If you had to go back to the USA, what will make you go back and what will make you remember SA?

A – If we had to go back to America we will go back there and work for a big music record label or institution to learn more about the music business and the fundamentals of being an international hip hop deejay. We would remember SA as the country of “Ubuntu”and how diverse we are.

Q – You guys have hosted parties for international names such as 50 Cent, wow! How did that feel?

A – It was great feeling meeting him; we were young and very ambitious about the entertainment industry so we always pushed the limit and never gave up. It was just happiness every time when we hosted such artists.

Q – You have a relationship or Hugh Masekela to thank, how did that  happen?

A – Bra Hugh Masekela is a very close family friend so he has always guided us and informed us about the entertainment industry broadly.

Q – Who do you greatly look up to in the industry and why?

A – We look up to a lot of guys in the industry like Euphonik, Sphe Naves, Sizwe Dhlomo, Vigilante etc. But we really admire Sphe’s work because he is always flipping the envelope and trying to make ourselves better by competing against himself and we admire that.

Q – What are the hardships that you think not self thought DJ’s will experience in the industry?

A – We think it is knowing how to build a great vibe at a party through the journey of the music being played at a party or function.

Q – How can the hardships be solved according to you?

A – DJ’s just need to learn from more experienced DJ’s, go out to places where there are a lot of experienced Deejays, listen and watch how they take you through a journey, It does not have to be competition every time.

Q – Besides being DJ’s, what else do you guys do?

A – School and cool & black the directory, but we are looking into going into more business soon.

Q – How did this whole Deejaying thing start, why?

A – The whole Deejaying thing started after grade 12 when we decided to pursue something in music because we really love it, so Deejaying was one of the things on the list because we always use to just deejay for ourselves at home and friend’s parties and we just decided lets just go with it and see how far we get.

Q – Are you guys currently studying, if yes, what?

A – Yes we are studying, BCom in general studies.

Q – How do you guys protect your brand from all the negativity in the industry?

A – Honestly we just keep away from negativity, we stay far from that!

Q – Any project(s) that you’re currently working on right now? If yes, when can we expect it?

A – We are working with Khuli Chana on a single and it will be done soon.

Q – What’s your motto in life?

A – Productivity is the key to success…

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