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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mzansi's Prince of Dance Floor Vukani releases a brand new album titled 'Ubuso Bengcwadi'

The Dance floor Prince is back with 12 tracks brand new album. Living in a social network era Vukani's Album simply a dance musical titled Ubuso Bengcwadi. Be the first one to get his copy available now on all music stores nationwide. Hlokoloza hit maker is back with a bang and ready for the clubhouse tune lovers. Here is another upbeat hot album that Mzansi has never heard. Look out for tracks like 'Umama Uyangithuka'.

A high level of creativity and energy is put into each track that is sure to delight music lovers and fans of techno and dance house music. 'Ubuso Bengcwadi' blazes with energy from one track to another. The artist puts her soul and commitment in every track, which is backed up by very high quality production and audio technology. The album was well planned with a strong sense of purpose and direction evidenced in every song. Each track works towards a climax with interesting breaks bridged by musical tunes that all blend together perfectly for today's day and age. Prince of Dance has a method and promises to make you sweat.

The 12 track album would play well in clubs and radios which DJs around the world would enjoy performing. Sushi Dubula a force of vocals and good quality sounds is a track also to look out for on this offering. Experience the music of this new album and feel the artist's energy as he takes you to his collection of beautiful dance kwaito cosmic music. Vukani is another Beyonce Records' product and proud to keep you alive this season with Ubuso Bengcwadi.

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Beyonce Records
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