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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Good News: Amstel brings The Golden Hour to #Macufe 2012

Macufe is getting hotter this year as we are counting down  – of course with many surprises and developments to date – Amstel this time around brings you the Golden Hour, featuring Zinke Dikana  – The Amstel Golden Hour is always an extraordinary event that brings you loads of entertainment all the time.

The main festival which Zonke Dikana will part-take in will take place in October, 13 - So it is The Amstel Golden Hour presents Zonke. The tickets are available for only R280.00 and the event will kick start at 11:00 till late...

Zonke is so amazing, her music is matured, she carries a powerful message with her music and her voice is so melodic, so you don't want to miss the Amstel Golden Hour.

She was born in Port Elizabeth, her all time favorite artist is the late Brenda Fassie.

Talking about her music, Zinke comes from a very talented family - music, fine art, writing stories. Everyone in her family seems to have a touch in all forms of talents, her sister Lulu is in musical theatre...

She will share the stage with the following artists:

Joe Sample & Randy Crawford
Angie Stone
Caiphus Semenya
Letta Mbulu
Continental African Music Extravaganza featuring Congolese Musicians with Congolese dancers and SA dancers celebrating 15 years of Macufe in song and dance.
One People Band

Venue: Rose Garden

Zonke's latest offer 'Ina Ethe' is currently available in all major record stores - the title simple means, 'give and take' -

By Staff Reporter 

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