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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thandy Matlaila's birthday celebrations went well - she was indeed the queen of the day

Finally yesterday we headed to Thandy Matlaila's birthday, it was a duo day taking her friend Neo and of course putting her on the table. Her birthday was held in Rosebank, The Design District, at MiBar.

Thandy Matlaila
Thandy and Neo - birthday girls...
The birthday party was so well organized and awesome - besides the fact that the majority of the celebrities on the guest list did not set a foot, I wonder why accept an invitation and RSVP if you're not coming? So back to business as I was waiting for my boys (Vincent and Vicus Visser) to perform, the excitement aroused to the fullest and I just knew my night was splendid.

Vincent and Vicus Visser
So playful are the boys - the brotherhood spirit is so high, the vibe around them and being nice to people. Though the young one Vicus seems impatient and gets irritated so fast, but anyway I stand to understand the preparation they went through and ending up not performing... They such a cool duo fresh and young from South Africa... Knowing their story amazes me too much! Good luck guys in all that you are doing!

Anyway, Vincent and Vicus (Above) did not perform after having to experience problems with the sound. They confirmed that they did the gig for free and sacrificed a day that was planned for their mother. Malik saved the day with an awesome performance - that was highly dedicated to Thandy Matlaila (Tshisa, SABC1). Some faceless chicks also took the stage, well, I don't know their names and did not think it was a good idea too.

The couple: Nani (Musician) and Kedibone Mulaudzi (Comedian) - they made such a cute couple and of course dancing showing some hang alone that - we are together.
Lerato (MD of Lee Management) and Miza (DJ) - Lee was stunning and hot while Miza looked rather tired and drained. Get enough sleep MR DJ!

Thandy Mataila and Tshepo Khoza
Thandy and her boyfriend Tshepo Khoza - he appeared so humble and down to earth but I did not confirm with him...

Major League DJ
Awo! The Major League DJ's - said to be rocking the industry by what I call a sharp and a snail entrance.

Faceless? It's Anderson and Nutty NYC - they did not stay much and hopefully they did not pitch up for drinks?
Luzuko Nteleka
Luzuko Nteleka (Loyiso soccer player) of Zone 14 on SABC 1 - what a bloody wholesome character of a dude! Very friendly shame though he almost gave us a NO when we called him for a picture. The bar was just the hanger for him - meaning chilling next to it and not in the spotlight.

Malik was one of the artists who gave us an awesome performance - never disappoints with a huge smile and a calm attitude.
Lerato Kganyago
Lerato Kganyago (Presenter LKG Show on Soweto TV - she was beautiful and it was nice chatting with her. Always thought she's faking it for telly but she's just fabulous and very amicable. She's getting some meat I have noticed though!
Xolile Sonamzi (Producer - Soweto tv) - he was also there going with some random chick that was plastered with makeup and it was not his girlfriend.
This Neo the girl who celebrated her birthday with Thandy - she's not a fan or a groupie but her friend...
Ayanda Sotshisa and Thandy Mataila
Thandy and Ayanda Sotshisa (Publicist) - he can walk the walk though as if he was walking on the ramp! 
Thandy and the Real Goboza chick, Pearl Thusi.
Miss birthday and Trevor Gumbi (TV personality and comedian). Gumbi is so friendly and everytime I bump to him at events he never forgets to remember who he's talking to!
Still waiting for her name - but she's Thandy's high school boo-zoom buddy.
Vicent, Lerato and Vicus - by the way the boys are internationally recognized and managed by Gareth Cliff. Mzansi please get to know them!

Khayakazi Kula (Not so popular on telly but she's the girl that was so abused on the popular drama series - Intsika on SABC 1) and her (Acclaimed) Boyfriend Robert Mpisi.

Lerato - she was so Peri-Peri hot, I was like OMG! She's the Managing director of Lee Management and manages Miza etc.. Loved her to the fullest!

Vincent, Tshepo Meko (Urban Label manager and A&R David Gresham Records) and Vicus Visser

The Barbie doll cake of the day - wow! At least the word was that there's a story behind the choice.

The party was nice - not because I saw Jimmi Jagger (Wine spritzer) on the media table, anyway JJ is the master sponsor of all parties - nothing surprising at all. By the way Lulo Cafe, Slikour and Akhumzi Jezile of SABC 1 and they did not see the day at all. Anyway, most of the celebs that were there were out of swagger/style!

Death by Thula Sindi who refused to take pictures - blah blah blah! My father was a journalist and I know how the media sensationalize stories, I mean for real? Sounded like his mind was somewhere in the dark place of all...

All the best for Thandy Matlaila!

By Staff Buchule Raba

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