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Friday, August 24, 2012

MACUFE 2012 Music - Dance and Drama Auditions

As part of efforts to maximize the participation of local artists in the staging of MACUFE programme the department will host the 2012 MACUFE Homebrew Programme across the Free State Province.

MACUFE Homebrew programme constitutes a formidable part of the department’s developmental programme for arts and culture. The primary objective is to ensure the fact that local artists’ talents are developed and showcased at various arts and culture platforms such as MACUFE.

This MACUFE Homebrew programme consists of two legs: MACUFE Music, Dance and Drama Auditions as well as MACUFE Visual Arts and Craft Selection.

Music, Dance and Drama Auditions:

The Music, Dance and Drama Auditions will be held at Local and District Municipality level from the 25 August to 16 September 2012. The objective is to select artists who will perform during the mainstream programme of MACUFE scheduled for the 5th to 14th October 2012.

The selection process is overseen by 2 Music Judges, 2 Dance Judges, 2 Drama Judges and 1 Moderator per district.  The Moderator consolidates the Judges score sheets and scores to ensure fairness in the selection process.

During these auditions the department will also showcase its newly procured Sound and Stage equipment.

The judging will be done as follows:

1) The Music Judges  will judge the Music and Music-related performances;
2) The Dance judges will judge the Dance and Dance-related performances and
3) The Drama judges will judge the Drama and Drama-related performances.
4) Only 1 drama production and 1 Dance Production from each district will go to MACUFE 2012 mainstream programme.
5) To populate the Homebrew stage, performances require at least 15 groups per day.

After all 5 districts have completed their auditions at Local and District Municipality levels, all judges will coordinate all the performances for staging during the provincial MACUFE 2012 Homebrew Programme.

For dates and venues click here.

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