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Monday, August 20, 2012

Shakespeare in Mzansi: Goba Msenge

Goba Msenge is a romantic comedy based on Shakespeare’s ‘Taming of the Shrew’. It centres on two people falling in love despite their serious misgivings about one another. Kat and Nonhle Minola are two Cape Town socialites who rule the social scene with an iron fist. After landing up in jail, Kat signs a contract with her dad forcing her into marriage with a complete stranger. Nonhle is forced to take on a Xhosa tutor after failing Xhosa or her father will completely cut her off. These two socialites are about to be tamed by the transformational power of love!
Lead Cast includes: Poseletso Sejosingoe (Kat); Khanya Mkangisa (Nonhle); Timmy Kwebulana (Mbulelo); Thabang Sidloyi (Luxolo); Amandla Quwe (Funeka); Mbulelo Grootboom (Dumisane) and Schelaine Bennet (Vanessa).
Episode Synopses
Episode 1
After Kat and Nonhle find themselves in jail, Mbulelo decides to hatch an outrageous plan to get Kat away from Cape Town and in touch with her traditional roots.
Episode 2
Kat carries out her Makoti duties, clashing with both her mother in law and new husband as she does so. Nonhle, meanwhile, falls in love with her tutor after he opens her eyes to an exciting alternative arts scene.

Episode 3
Kat, Dumisani and Funeka bond over the birth of Vanessa’s child. Kat finally lets down her guard, which prompts Dumisani to do the same. The two finally start falling in love. Over in Cape Town, Nonhle runs away from home after Mbulelo bans Luxolo from the house.
Episode 4
After discovering that her father paid Dumisani money to marry her, Kat leaves the farm. Not wanting to see her father, she goes into hiding while she figures everything out. Meanwhile Nonhle also goes missing when she chooses to defy her father’s wishes and continue her relationship with Luxolo.
Shakespeare in Mzansi: Goba Msenge, starting on SABC1 Mzansi Fo Sho on Thursday 23 August 2012, at 20h30.
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Phillip Matome Mabitsela
SABC1 Publicist


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