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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Auditions! Auditions! The search is on for the Face of Gauteng

Imagine being a young woman, you start to think beauty, diet(s), physical well-being, high self-esteem and all sorts of things that youthful women always think about. Where do these thoughts become apparent? When do they end? Well, Face of Gauteng might just be the answer for you because such thoughts cannot leave the cleverness of a young woman.

I might be speaking beauty and all sorts of things, below is what is the Face of Gauteng is about and what do you need to do to enter:

Through the Face of Gauteng Pageant we aim to Empower and Educate young women allowing them to Embrace their culture on an unforeseen level.

Our Mission is to bring woman who exudes confidence, has a colorful personality and passion for African culture, a woman who desires to expand her knowledge, while breaking down stereotypes associated with our culture, to the forefront; as role models for our younger generations.

Face of Gauteng

Is a young woman who knows what she wants in life; self confidence and can think on her feet. Very clever, witty and considerate. She looks glamorous when it is expected of her without feeling uncomfortable and unsure of herself. She achieves anything she sets her mind to. She is equally beautiful inside and outside and most of all she is someone to look up to, she is The Face of Gauteng.

Face of Gauteng Teen

Is a young lady that acts her age, she is confident in everything that she does; respect her elders and down to earth. She is a leader not a follower. She is groomed, healthy and has sparkling personality that captivates those around her. Her beauty shines from the inside out, she lights up a room when she walks in, She is the Miss Teen Face of Gauteng.

Do you now want to enter? Of course, yes you do! There are simple documents that need to accompany your entry to become one of the greatest contests and these are:

The competition is open to ALL Africans who live in Gauteng!

  • A copy of your Identity (ID) Book or Passport
  • Two (2) recent A4 color photographs, must be, 1X head and shoulders and a full length - dressed appropriately. (Please take note as the photographs will not be returned.)
  • A copy of matriculation certificate or rather now Grade 12.
Audition dates to be announced! The Competition is open to ALL Africans who live in the Gauteng Province.

Download YOUR entry FORM and Competition RULES here!

Of course one of the BIGGEST things to mention - there are fantastic prizes to be won or rather to take home. And these range from:

  • Car and CASH
  • A Modeling Contract
  • An awesome holiday package to Mauritius
  • Hair Hamper Voucher
  • Shopping and dinner voucher
  • Air-time, Cellphone and laptop voucher
  • Salon Voucher and MANY MORE PRIZES TO BE WON 
Entrance fee is R250. Click below to see rules and more -

Download YOUR entry FORM and Competition RULES here!

Visit the Face of Gauteng home page here | Twitter | Facebook | | +27114671939

All Images are supplied by Presh Fashion.

By Buchule Raba

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