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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Good things: Arts Alive International Festival Johannesburg 2012 Launched

The City of Johannesburg launched Arts Alive International Festival 2012 – it will take place from the 1st to the 10th of September (10 days in September).

The launch kick started at 16:00 (local time), it was held at the South Point Tower (Randlords) in Braamfotein. As we got in the venue a luxury limo bus was waiting for us (media) and some of the artists that are going to be performing at the 10 days in September. Amongst them was Lira, Donald (who was tagging with a faceless dude) and AKA who was so audible and tagging with some faceless guys too. You could swear some of us woke up from the snow. Nevertheless, let’s get to the point.

Lira (Singer) chilling at the Limo Bus
As we crowded the bus we got served with sparkling champagne as we sat on those luxury seats – the music was vibey to such an extent that Mandla Motau was dancing on the stripper pole (Not official though). So the aim of the tour which was massively disturbed by the City traffic was to show us all the different venues and who’s going to be performing where. So we ended up driving back to the venue for a surprise performance that was directed by James Ngcobo. If the performance was a taste of what is going to happen, well, you have no excuse but to attend these events and see our youth prosper through arts brought by the City of Johannesburg.

Chris Vondo
“We want to create a resilient, sustainable and a liveable City…” – Chris Fuzile Vondo

Speaking with the member of the mayoral committee responsible for community development this is what he had to say,  “The Arts Festival is about giving opportunities to those emerging artists, celebrating those already established artists…” Said Chris Fuzile Vondo. The Fest is also about providing the real quality of life as enshrined in the City’s growth and development strategy. The Arts Festival and the City of Joburg also wants to encourage young artists by giving them a chance to perform among the big artists and this will be done by bringing artists from disadvantaged areas around Johannesburg.

Among other things there will be visual arts – and those paintings will be displayed (to create interest) at an International Arts Fair that will be hosted in Sandton.  This will help give recognition to local acts in an international level as the Arts Festival will attract international and continental audience.

The Arts Alive International Festival Johannesburg 2012 will take place from the 1st to the 10th of September. This magnificent festival which will amongst other things help youth to prosper in art, will take place at the following venues:

Alexandra Youth Centre, Uncle Thomas Arts Centre, Arts On Main, Eldos (Kremetart Park), The Hillbrow Theatre, Soweto Theatre (Recently opened), Dance Factory, Bassline and Newtown Park, Museum Africa, Mary Frizgerald Square and Market Theatre, Johannesburg Zoo, Sandton Convention Centre, Walter Sisulu Hall (Randburg), Metro Centre, Goodman Gallery (Famously known for the painting displaying President’s genitals), Orange Farm and Joburg (Joburg Theatre).

More than 20 years the City has been embracing its talent with Arts Festivals... Twitter Arts Alive

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