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Friday, August 17, 2012

Drunk Heads: Is our PSL a stop and go away?

South African Premier Soccer League has been at it yet again, yes PSL. Have you heard on the subject of the saying that says, “the good, the bad and the ugly?”  That’s how I summarise the whole PSL new state of affairs, maybe it's for the reason that they’re having a close working relationship with SAFA, maybe that’s why they for eternity seem to take ‘strange’ decisions without fitting considerations.

Up-to-the-minute season, new rules, some good but some a slap… Players are now going to serve a one match deferment after accumulating four yellow cards compared to the previous three . Great move I applaud that one. Another great move is to move our season to the calendar year, that's brilliant; we won’t collide with AFCON cup every two years now, fantastic!

But now, why our beautiful League will be played in four stages now? I can’t seem to figure out any good thing about that. Why fixing it if it’s not broken? The new format will see teams being rewarded when they finish top after that stage period, a total of 1, 5 million. As a result the PSL reward money will rise to about 16 million.

And then I really ask myself, why must we reward teams like this? The League is called a Championship, so why not only the champions are rewarded? What will motivate other teams to contest the League? Why not we improvise just like other top leagues in the world? Your EPL’s, Spanish La Liga etc. This will diminish the competition level that we’re striving for.

PSL should just keep it as it is and create other new innovations and not change what is working. It looks like we’ll have four champions in one season-how on earth will that be called? Maybe PSL should have first consulted with us the public before they pass that garbage, if the public buy it then put it in operation. Being among the top 10 League in the world, decisions need to be evaluated before implemented.

This League is ours, without us there will be no top PSL, so our concerns need to be taken seriously and into consideration. That’s just how I feel and I would like to know how do you feel about this ‘new’ League structure in place?

To have a whopping 16 Million while the National First Division is getting only 250 000 grant a month is disgraceful to say the least.

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By Fanele Mbuyazi

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