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Monday, July 23, 2012

The 3 main social networks are putting software developers out of business

81% of the world’s social networking population is found on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter combined. The quest (or more likely pressure) by these social networks to turn Netizens’ content, provided freely on their sites, into money-making machines is turning them into ugly monsters. These are the worrying signs that are endemic in any oligopoly.

First, it was Facebook with its draconian API rules that have made it impossible for many 3rd party software developers to create independent social analytics tools. This behemoth gave access to only a handful of 3rd party social analytics tools such as Socialakers, Social Report, AllFacebookStats and EdgeRank Checker; all of which largely charge for their solutions. This policy is also applied to full branding of Facebook pages, which can only be done using paid apps by selected software developers. I guess billionaire Mark Zuckerberg had an eye on data monetization right from the beginning, which is not surprising that he is the youngest $billionaire in the world.

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