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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Football: Spanish guitar remains on the field of winners

It looks so easy, some use to say-save the best for last that what Spain did-they saved the best for last, but at the expense of the mighty Italians. They have completed a unique treble of major trophies, a history in the making. Some still quarrel that they are, by far the best in the world. 

When Juan Matta scored Spain fourth goal in the final, it was already clear that Spain will be crowned UEFA EURO 2012 champions-again. After they won EURO 2008 and 2010 soccer world cup, everybody thought, they won’t go all the way again this year. And without key players, like Villa and captain Puyol, people written them off completely, but they never stop believing, today it’s a history. 

Spain coach Del Bosque was criticized all round for fielding a striker less team for most of the campaign, and even in the final. But in the end he prevails ahead of the teams with strikers. A lesson football world should learn to let the coaches decide and do what they believe in. Hope SA will also learn and do the same to Igusund-let him do what he want(s).

So who can bet against Spain in continuation of their thumping spree in Brazil 2014? Surely not me, I can’t. But what are they doing better? It's simple, they believe in what they do on the field of play, short-passing is their kind of game. It's what Brazil did also when they dominated the world-slumber football with one main striker, for Spain, just keep passing it till the opening. 

The only low point of the 2012 EURO was the Netherlands early elimination. I’m not saying Portugal should have not progressed through, but after the entertainment the Dutch dish out in 2010 world cup here at home, one expected more from them. But Ronaldo and company did live up to the expectations. Unexpectedly the Italians went unnoticed to the final, through their inspirational play-maker, Pirlo. 

Again-another penalty failure of the English, as they have to again look in tears as they go down again in a shoot out, but at least not in Portugal this time around. Last eight of them without the likes of Barry, Lampard, Cahill etc. And the new coach at the helm-not a bad run for them in the end. 

Disappointingly though for the young Germans, they gave us all and entertainment, but it was not good enough in the end. They have to witness Balotelli sending them home in sniffle. As for France it’s clear they are still in their building phase, good to see them though playing football and leaving politics aside, if one remembers what happened to them during the 2010 soccer World cup.

To Spanish guitar, let's all dance for them, they are playing for us to sing along and cherish their laudable moment(s). To Xavi, Iniesta, Torres, Febregas, Silva, Casillas and the list is long... The world is in your hands, enjoy it!

Till next time…

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