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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Top five South African Celebrities to look up to

There are countless celebrities that appeal to us as fans; then again the uncertainty that arouses my curiosity is how they fascinate us? In South Africa or rather globally there’s a scarcity of celebrities who groom themselves pertinent in public platforms. Public icons must think carefully about what they write, post or say in public platforms, it does not matter even if you’re pushed to the rim. Today I am going to focus on SA's top five celebrities to look up to, of course you have your choice too.

On number one I have picked up Nkosinathi Maphumulo better known as Dj Black Coffee. He’s one of the greatest celebrated icons to look up to; you hardly see his name in bad publicity, despite Arthur Mafokate’s accusations that he stole one of his artists. Coffee is not just an artist but a business man too, so who would be in dubiety to look up to him? I applaud Black Coffee because he’s one of the artists that completely stood out in the entertainment scene. He’s also involved in charity.

Number two goes to Bonang Matheba; she’s one of the first SA’s talented radio/television starlets who emerged as a business woman – registering her name as a trade mark. She always does wear a smiley face straight from her chicks to the ears. Matheba is one of the forces to be reckoned with in our entertainment landscape, she’s got the looks and the hot bikini body. When I look at this young woman I see a brighter future (hopefully she'll never be influenced by drugs etc). I don’t care about the fact that she appeared recently on papers because of a junkie Dj who has turned to a lion that escaped from a cage. If Euphonik really kicked her like a ball – well he needs to face the music. Matheba cannot live such a life outside her public life.

Terry Pheto is on number three, she’s one of SA actresses to be really proud of – she’s just an amazing youthful woman. She played a role in Tsotsi then emerged to land a gig in the Bold and the Beautiful.  She this year was the first black woman to be on the cover of international women’s magazine Marie Claire since 2003. Pheto is based in Los Angeles, and that’s where she’s playing the gig she won on the above mentioned international soapie.   We should all respect what she has earned herself through her career and start to act on our careers too. I am sure Mfundi Mvundla of the local soapie Generations is now thinking why I did not take this young woman – honestly I thank you Mfundi because she was going to be jammed in that soapie with not much progress forever.

This one has to go to Sizwe Dhlomo better known to his Y fm listeners by the name "Siz" – he made his time to our local national channel SABC 1 where he co-presented the “Live” music show with Bonang Matheba and Minenhle Dlamini. He also hosts a show on MTV Base. Sizwe is now a business man of his own right – he knew where to invest his celebrity wealth. He’s a sound role model to other celebrities even those who died broke should have seen his formulae. He now owns Scooters Pizza in Ferndale, thus he's now standing on my sexy number four.

BIG UPS TO Sizwe Dhlomo!

The fact that he’s contentious and was caught speeding and fined, Gareth Cliff is one hell of an amazing SA radio personality to look up to. The fact that he speaks his mind should be a model of use to those who always suppress how they feel because of fear to be reprimanded. He’s very inspiring with the knowledge he has ranging from updating quizzes and quotes every morning on Facebook. He’s a very successful man and that’s what makes him stand out on my number five.


Until next week when I bring you a list of SA whack celebrities not to look up to.

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