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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

South African TV 1st July: Catch The Business Coach on SABC 3 – 16:00

Many people in South Africa dream about being truly independent and creating their own destinies through running their own businesses. Being an entrepreneur, however, means having the confidence to break out of the mould and enter a brand new world where self-reliance is the key to survival and growth.
This means mastering news skills and relying largely on your own business intuition to create success.  Above all, it also means finding out what your business – whether it is a hair salon, coffee shop or plumbing enterprise – requires to succeed.

The myriad of challenges that small businesses face often requires tough decision-making, clear strategising, and balancing of priorities.  Having the advice and guidance of someone who has ‘been there’ and understands the challenges faced can make a real difference, and help these small businesses achieve spectacular success.

Essentially, this is what The Business Coach will offer South Africa’s existing and potential entrepreneurs. For the first time SABC3 viewers, courtesy of sponsor Standard Bank, will be able to take a peek behind the scenes and see 13 South African business people coping with the day-to-day issues that challenge them and their small businesses.

Situated in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban the series will, over 13 weeks, show how entrepreneurs in totally different markets respond to challenges they face and build their legacies.

Helping them through issues ranging from branding a business, business administration and business skills like cash flow management, to sales and marketing and people management will be Greg Mason, a business coach who truly understands what it takes to succeed. Week by week, Greg, and where needed other specialist advisers, will be on-hand assisting small business owners with identifying the sticking points within their businesses and helping them leap over potential hurdles. He will also monitor the business people he advises and show just how his suggestions have helped drive the businesses towards new heights.

Who is the Business Coach?

Greg Mason is The Business Coach, a man who decided to chart a new course after spending 14 successful years in the corporate financial services industry. It was his position as Head of Change for one of the largest Financial Services Groups in South Africa, where he worked with 12 different companies, that he developed his overriding passion for identifying the challenges and obstacles in business, and then developing the solutions required to tackle them head-on. Five years after changing his life completely, Greg now draws on his diverse experience in accounting, HR, IT, strategy and business planning, change management, project management, and programme management, to assist businesses in identifying their business objectives and coaching them through a process to realise their potential.

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